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Tarot is a tool that has its finger on the pulse of the human experience

As a professional Psychic and Tarot reader since 2002 I have helped thousands find answers, understand their purpose and gain insight into what potential the future holds. I help you to understand where you are, what brought you here and what you can do to move beyond obstacles and limitations. 


Local to Colorado? I will be reading in-house at Ritual Cravt 11/25 from 12-5 and every other Sunday 12-5 starting 1/6/19. Walk in’s are welcomed but book ahead of time by calling 303.458.1459


To most, the Tarot is simply cards with really cool images on them. But for those of us who’ve built a relationship with cards we understand the connection between the signs and symbols on the cards and the human experience.

Each reading with me is a powerful combination of my natural clairvoyant abilities with my in depth knowledge of the Tarot. This provides you with profound insight into what is happening and why as well as what you can expect in the future. This is a tool to help you understand what is happening and what you can do about it.

There is nothing at all to fear with the Tarot unless self awareness is something that keeps you up at night. Rather the Tarot is an opportunity to know yourself and the situations/challenges you face in fullness, expanding your ability to make choices.

At its most base level the Tarot is a deck of signs and symbols and it holds no more power than that. It is through the interaction of the reader and the sitter (the person receiving the reading) with the Tarot that creates the magic. Through this synergistic interaction we create the container where intuitive insight and archetypal energies can share their knowledge with us.


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Lets meet via Zoom! pHONE OR VIDEO OPTIONS AVAILABLE. Recording of your reading sent to you within 24 hours for further reflection.

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email Reading

Receive your ebook delivered via email within 24-72 hours of purchase. Each is between 4-15 pages in length.

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