WHILE NOT EFFORTLESS, THIS PROCESS IS HOW we can genuinely MANIFEST lasting improvements WITHIN our life. 

Integrative Manifesting (formerly the Elevated Mentorship) is a holistic mentorship designed to guide you through the process of accessing, redefining and curating the life you’ve always desired. 

Of course, manifesting the life of our dreams isn’t cultivated through bypassing parts of this wild human experience. The Integrative Manifesting program helps uncover and dismantle your inner obstructions and limiting beliefs. Through this process, you’ll learn how to effectively remove internal blocks, develop accountability and transform ideas into accomplishments. This mentorship allows you and your life to become a container where you make the impossible possible.



I have struggled to manifest and never understood why. I knew others were mastering this skill and I could not. Working with Laura helped me to see what was going on, why and how to change the tide in my favor. It feels good to see things coming together and I am ever grateful to Laura.

"she has a gift for tapping into your blocks..."




Laura doesn't ask that you not think about what you don't want. In fact, she encourages it. She doesn't get on your case if you have a "low vibe" day. Her approach allows us to have our human moments even as we step into our divine power. I am in absolute awe!




The Integrative Manifesting approach invites your whole being into the experience. First, we look into the psychology of manifesting and the blocks within that are stopping you from creating the life you deserve. Then we move into the energetics of manifesting and help you to align and flow with grace and ease. This mentorship is designed both for those looking to manifest something very specific as well as those looking to up-level their entire experience. 

The Integrative Manifesting process helps you to step fully into your multidimensional self, embracing your own power to influence change without asking you to sever aspects vital to your full human experience. 


This mentorship (formerly the Elevated Mentorship) will give you:

-Clearly defined goals that you'll not only be meeting but surpassing. This means your life looks and feels like a dream come true! (And everybody has time for THAT!)

-Tools! I teach you the tools needed to continue your progress even after our mentorship is through. This means the progression, the expansion and the elevation of your experience NEVER has to stop!

-On-going support. After our time together we will schedule 2 check-in calls. These help to ground the entire experience and bring everything full circle. 

-A life that you will feel proud of and aligned with. 


-Aligned and deeply connected to your inner truth and purpose. Whatever you are working toward will be built upon the deepest authenticity. 

-Connected to your multidimensional self. That means you'll live this life from an "I can" perspective that allows you to accomplish absolutely anything you set to achieve. 

-More fully aware and empowered. You’ll make lasting, constructive change happen and you’ll fully embrace that you deserve the very best that this life has to offer. 


-Expanded creative energy that grants you effective manifestation with grace and ease. You'll no longer feel like you have to battle your way to your most aligned life. 

-Freedom from the book of Fate and unbridled access to the book of Destiny—you’ll be connecting with your purpose and bringing magic into every facet of your life. 

-Wild synchronicities that align the world around you. You’ll discover that everything you desire seeks to find YOU. 

-Wild synchronicities that align the world around you so that all you desire comes to find YOU. 

What you can expect

-60-minute one-on-one weekly sessions via Zoom video, or if local to Colorado, at my office in Parker, CO

-Support via mini email masterminds between session(s)

-Your own personal digital classroom portal where all sessions, as well as additional audio, video, written lessons, journal prompts and integration work can be found. 

-Vibrational medicine and guided ceremonies for shifting energy on the 5D. These are available both in session and as recordings for you to access and benefit from between sessions.

-Tools that help you to ground what is taking place energetically with what is happening on the 3D, physical experience. This is the practical, grounded work done daily to shed limiting subconscious programming into expansive beliefs around worthiness, havingness, and deservingness.

-Weekly prompts and journaling exercises--the kind that bring lots of “AHA!” lightbulb moments that deepen your process. This is the transmuting of energy where the true alchemy happens. Though the prompts and journaling are optional, they're the secret to really seeing things shift.


Im ready now!


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