A lil' background

I was born and raised in Michigan and attended Central Michigan University majoring in International Relations and Women’s Studies with a Minor in journalism. After college I moved to Salem, Massachusetts where I began my intuitive studies in earnest. As a student of Laurie Cabot, Salem’s Official Witch and a pioneer in establishing legislation for Wicca to be a Federally recognized religion, I learned how to shift reality through the shifting of energy as well as how to tap into my natural psychic medium skills at will. 

In 2008 I moved to Colorado, just outside of Denver, where I reside today. Here I began my studies with Ahtayaa Leigh where I was given access to light codes and opened portal through which I can vibrationally through sound, and energetically with distant and hands on healing, channel the wisdom and transmissions of the Pleiadian emissaries of light.
In addition to this I’ve been trained in Shamanic practices through the teachings of Pixie Lighthorse and her online remote school. This provided me the means through which I bridge the cosmic alchemy of the Pleiadians with Shamanic practices that now provide the basis for much of my work. 

I am also trained and/or certified in Intuitive Counseling, Tarot, Metaphysical psychology, Cognitive Behavioral Coaching, past life channeling, cord cutting, Reiki Master, and Master Certified Life Coach. 

I am lucky to have been featured in or written for Elle Magazine, House of Citrine, Elephant Journal and Mind Body Green. 

I am an in-house reader and Energy Alchemist with Denver’s own Ritualcravt and Womenfolk Beauty. 

When not shifting energy you will find me in the kitchen with my kids, working out (fitness fanatic!), meditating (I seriously love it!) or on our patio with a good book, a glass of champagne and nestled in the arms of my fire fighting hunk of a husband. 

Sleeping in!

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Vampire Diaries

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Morgan Greer

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Beach, please

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Anything spicy!

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Practical Magic

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All music!

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Hot peppers, gummy bears, Blake Lively... Time to reveal a few of my obsessions. See anything we have in common?

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You are here for a reason. Nothing happens "just because". Like me you are aware that there is something more to this experience. You are tired of struggle and ready to effortlessly curate the life you desire. You are ready to witness your dreams coming true and know that a life of purpose, joy and pleasure are your divine right. You are ready to set down the bonds of trauma, limiting self worth and inherited family beliefs to open to life outside these confines. 

And now is the time. Let's open to the magic and joy inherent to this experience. 

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