As a series of signs and symbols, Tarot is a powerful tool for unlocking our intuitive gifts and creating a channel through which insight flows. 

As a tool for self awareness it mirrors back to us that which we may be unaware of so that we can better align our awareness with our experience. Both prediction as well as self awareness are what make Tarot an invaluable tool for gaining direction and understanding about our life, love, careers and healing.

For those times in life when you need clarity and direction, Intuitive Tarot is the answer.



I like a reader who respects your time but doesn't skimp on details. I came to Laura by way of many moons ago and she was always accurate, picking up on the situation at hand right away and keen of the time so that my questions were answered. Now that I work with Laura through her site I appreciate that she still can fit an entire lifetime of understanding into 30 short minutes. She is the best. 

"Detailed, accurate and doesn't waste your time."

The Reviews:




When I purchased my first reading I had just broken up with my boyfriend of 5 years and was struggling. Laura saw that it was not over (it wasn't, that prediction came true!) but she also helped me to heal in a way that brought back a sense of my own power. Through her insight and guidance I got my relationship back but also made it stronger because I was stronger. 

"She understands relationships like no one else."

The Reviews:




I do not get readings very often but am incredibly thankful to have received Laura's wisdom. Her readings are accurate, penetrating, and down to Earth. I leave feeling inspired and without miss, every time she finishes and asks if I have questions I get to tell her that she addressed EVERYTHING I had wondered about already. A gem! 

"I am so grateful to have found Laura."

The Reviews:



What makes my readings

My readings are designed to help you understand the energies at play and your role in this interaction. This is where you learn about the patterns in your life and gain insight on how to shift or rid yourself of unhealthy or undesired tendencies. By fostering awareness you take back control over your life. 

My skills as a coach and counselor are an invaluable tool for gaining direction. Not only do my readings clarify the "hows" and "whys" they also address the very important "what next" so you know the exact actions to take the moment you leave our session all the way to months down the line. 

You receive accurate predictions on where things are headed and what is mostly likely to happen. Yes, Tarot can be predictive and when worked with someone like myself who is a highly skilled psychic medium you receive detailed readings and predictions that illuminate the many paths before you. 




You deserve the best

Additionally you receive the benefit of my 18 years professional experience with well over 10,000 completed readings as well as my training and certification in a wide variety of metaphysical disciplines and intuitive tools. 

Now that Intuitive tools are en vogue more and more people are exploring their intuitive gifts. While this is a great expansion of the field as well as collective evolution the truth is those new on the scene lack the wisdom of experience and the discipline of years of study. 
Which, hey, if that doesn't matter much to you then go on with your bad self!

They know this means they receive the absolute highest quality service and most accurate insight. 
I curate my sessions to be an experience. One that answers all your questions, provides direction and leaves you fully aware of your next steps. 

Would you entrust your newborn child to someone who just decided one day to be a nanny, had no experience, no training and didn't care to invest even in a basic CPR course? 

So why would you trust your spirit and the path you walk to someone under-qualified for the dedicate and precious task? 
The simple answer is that you wouldn't. Your questions, the worries that sometimes keep you up at night, the very path you walk each and every day deserves to be witnessed and guided by someone who has more than a beginners understanding of these sacred tools. You deserve to be guided from someone who has both the experience and training worthy of the task. 

I offer a variety of ways to receive a reading. 
If local to Colorado I am an in-house reader at Ritualcravt in Wheat Ridge, CO. You can book your session online here

Not local? I've still got you! I offer private Tarotherapy sessions via Zoom video/audio conferencing allowing us to meet in real time from anywhere around the world. These 60 minute sessions combine Intuitive Tarot (30 minutes) and laser coaching (30 minutes) to provide you with a full service experience that helps illuminate the path before you and gets you moving in the direction of your highest and best with actionable steps to take after our session. 

Each month we will meet to unpack the energies at play and help you align to the natural rhythms of this experience. These sessions will leave you feeling empowered, clear headed and with a sense of direction that will take you forward into the days and weeks ahead. 

My clients prefer someone who has spent years refining their gift...

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Tarotherapy Sessions

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