Tarot is a tool which has its finger on the very pulse of the human experience. The archetypes represented therein create a map by which we can find our way closer to our most authentic expression and truth. While much has been done to explore the predictive qualities of this dynamic tool, this course seeks to illuminate the pathway Tarot provides to personal growth.

Tarotherapy is an exploration of the therapeutic/counseling qualities of Tarot that unlock the unconscious. Through this now unlocked door we discover a deeper understanding of the beliefs, patterns, trauma and conditioning that influences us as well as those we consult for.
Through this deep awareness Tarot further assists in illuminating a pathway towards creating the change we desire. Without awareness we are powerless to the patterns that exist in our experience. But once we identify them, we empower ourselves to shift the energy around these habitual aspects of the self and find a road to freedom and lasting change.

This series is perfect for the dedicated beginner as well as the seasoned reader who would like to add depth and richness to the readings they do for themselves and others. Additionally this course if great for those who already work as a therapist or counselor and who would like to bring the transformative influence of Tarot into their practice.


Tarotherapy -Presale

Class 1 : What is Tarotherapy-Creating the Magic of Change.

Class 2 : Jung, Archetypes and the difference between predictive and reflective Tarot reading.

Class 3 : Counseling Skills/ Ethics & Responsibilities

Class 4 : Techniques & Practices

Class 5: Sample readings and Partner Exploration

Each class is rolled out in the private classroom. 

Course launches August 2019

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