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Who is intuitive medicine for?

Intuitive Medicine is...

You didn’t come here to struggle or look with envy at those living their lives. You came here to do some pretty amazing things. But life has its way of unraveling hope and expectation, doesn’t it?
We get stuck and a moment turns into years of our lives passed through our finger tips with hardly any of what we came here to do accomplished.

I've been there. And I tried everything under the sun to make things better. Yet, I remained stuck in the same patterns that were crippling me emotionally, mentally and energetically. Was I really so fucked up that even the most aggressive forms of therapy couldn’t help me?
The answer, for the record, is absolutely-fucking-not.

You my beautiful, deeply sensitive being, deserve to live a life free of emotional trauma, inherited family beliefs and other conditioning that has weighed you down. 

A holistic pathway to emotional freedom

A pathway to healing and coming back to wholeness that takes into account our mind, body and spirit. IM combines traditional therapeutics with intuitive tools to address all aspects of the self. 

IM works best for those who know they are more than their physical, 3D self and that their energy and spirit play an integral role in their healing. It's especially helpful for those who've found traditional therapy lacking. 

For the faint of heart. We work hard, I push you outside your comfort zone and hold up the mirror needed to see an honest reflection of your fullest expression. We peel back all the layers and do not stop until you feel the release

Healing is available to us all



Every single session with Laura has me furiously writing down the  of epiphanies and "light-bulb" moments. With Laura, I've accomplished more healing in just a few sessions than I had in years of therapy. She sees things differently and helps me to do so as well. 

"I've accomplished more healing in just a few sessions than years of therapy..."

The Reviews:

Melissa deBlok



I recommend Laura to EVERYONE I know because she is that good. Its not just that she is good at what she does, which she is. Its that she is a good person who goes beyond for those who come to her. She cares about each of us in a way that helps us come back to caring for ourselves. 

"She is pure gold. Light for those who have traveled the dark"

The Reviews:

Sami S.



It sounds pretty cliche, I admit, but Laura never fails to surprise me with her depth, her knowledge and the holistic way she approaches wellbeing. I have worked with many others but Laura's method feels good and delivers results. 

"Healing on a whole new level. She blows my mind."

The Reviews:

Lisa K

I have been depressed, numbing myself with anything and everything I could get my hands on. I’ve felt that life was passing me by and I still was in the same place I had always been. I sat, staring at my newborn son, many moons ago wondering how I would graduate college. How would I put food on in his mouth. How would I avoid the same patterns of struggle that I knew all too well. Patterns that held me hostage and that held years and years of conditioning and trauma that wound their way through every fiber of my being. 

I tried everything and nothing really seemed to stick. I felt deflated like healing wasn't possible for me. 
Sound familiar?
You know something has to change but you are not sure where to start or how to do it? You’ve tried all the traditional routes and found that the symptoms and patterns came right back into play and sometimes with a vengeance.  You are tired of signing up for one form of therapy after another and buying the entire section of self-help books on Amazon only to feel deflated. 

is possible

yes, heaing

Intuitive Medicine brings your spirit into the session to see what is needed for deep healing

The Intuitive Medicine approach is to find emotional freedom by addressing what is felt, what is perceived and where in your body and energy you are holding onto trauma, inherited beliefs and other conditioning that is weighing you down. We move past the antiquated model of therapy to a more proactive approach that welcomes alternative therapies and techniques that stimulate your intuition, flush your energy and revitalize the pathways your thinking so that your past experiences become more a picture on a wall than a constant pressure upon your experience.

With this medicine you will...

You will begin to see the patterns that have influenced your life and learn tools for lifting yourself from their oppressive weight and establish the new normal.

Heal inherited family beliefs around worth, havingness, healing and more allowing you to define the beliefs that govern your existence. 

Explore the line of your depression, anxiety and other emotional struggles not just from a biochemical perspective but also through a spiritual and energetic one. This gives you additional tools and resources that help to give you buoyancy and support. 

Clear lines of emotional, mental and physical trauma within the body and your energetic field, where all trauma is stored. You receive an immediate, powerful release that you can feel.

You are seen, held and witnessed in the softest, most tender ways. As your guide I help you see that you cannot change what has happened to you, only take accountability for where you go from here. Together we build a container within which you know you are supported 110%, every step of the way. 

This medicine is not...

Cookie cutter methods and programs built to be one-size-fits-all. I come to each session ready to meet you where you are at and address you and your unique needs relying on my years of experience and training. 

A one pony approach to your healing. I combine counseling, coaching, empowerment, energy work and intuitive tools such as meditation, hypnosis, intuitive readings, Tarot and more to address all facets of your being from a multi-dimensional perspective. 

Judgment and ridicule. I am not here to pass judgment on who you are, who you want to be, what you’ve gone through or anything in between. I serve the misfits, the rebels, those who never quite desired to color within the lines. I am here to accept you, good, bad and indifferent. I am here to remind you that love and acceptance is the place from which all healing springs. 


Monthly program

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single session

How we can work together

Live your best life

Each Intuitive Medicine session is 60 minutes in length and done either in person in my office in Parker, CO or via Zoom, world-wide. You can purchase a single session or sign up for my monthly program to save money and to build major momentum.