What you learn

What is it not?

What is effortless manifesting?

One of the most efficient means of traversing this creative process is through a one-on-one mentorship. 
I help you move into a place of knowing that you are allowed to witness your dreams come true. That you are here to live an abundant life rich with joy, abundance and possibility. 
And it's meant to be fun and pleasurable. 
And it is, but only when we ditch our attachment to struggle. 
Together we help you open your eyes to the divine right to live your best life, however that looks to you, as well as have unlimited access to all the resources needed to make it so. 
Our work helps you find a place of remembrance that the process of manifesting or birthing the life of your dreams is meant to be a pleasurable experience. 

It doesn't matter if it is a relationship, a business, a piece of art or a new way of being. You are ready to bring something, that right now only exists as an intangible idea, into tangible reality. 

You have a vision. Something that is ready to be birthed into existence.

This is not a means through which you are taught to suppress your feelings or aspects of the self. Nor is it an invitation to believe this journey is exclusively “high vibe” all the time. While this process is very much rooted in the spiritual, divine energies that are yours to wield at anytime it is also a real world approach to manifesting that is practical and grounded. 

You learn that dreams are meant to be realized and that most importantly this process can be a pleasurable one. We help you shift the paradigm so that events unfold that prove you are not in this alone and that magic is indeed very real.

Effortless Manifesting creates a container for the magic and practical elements necessary for expanding the creative process needed for the realization of deeply held and longed for experiences within our lives. It is an energetic alchemy and real world road map for making something manifest in our experience.



I admit to trying a lot of different methods to manifesting and some of the worked fairly well. What I love about Laura's approach is that it combines many different methods into one cohesive approach that brings results and fast. 
It''s a method that I will stick with now and in the future. 

"I adore Laura and her way of teaching this process."

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Part of why this works is because you are healing the parts of the self that literally held you back before. I love it! 

"A holistic approach to manifesting that heals."

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And found it so powerful I was compelled to sign up for the full course. Through the entire process I felt like a new world was opening up to me. One that had always been there but that I had never before seen. I can say that within just a matter of days I manifested one of the things on my list. The best part is that I've learned tools that will stay with me always. Thank you a million times over!!!!

"I actually started first with the free masterclass..."

The Reviews:


You are meant to live your most blessed, aligned and delicious life. Free of poverty, lack, fear and feeling out of alignment with your spirit and purpose.
Effortless manifesting teaches you how to remove obstruction so the flow of energy, thought, belief, emotion and thus action/energy is fluid, free and gives you more of what you want.
It teaches us to become part of the flow rather than resisting it or otherwise not capable of participating in it. 


Its time to shift

The universe rises to meet you

You receive


When you make the commitment to believe that whatever you wish to manifest can be so the universe then rises to meet you at this level. Here is where the beauty of synchronicity and limitless opportunities begin to drop like honey into your life. The puzzle pieces all fall into place and the best part is that you do not need to do anything other than allow it to be.

Together we create an energetic alchemy that uncovers blocks and transmutes this energy into possibility, giving way to expanded channels for the necessary resources to find their way into your experience. This is a grand shifting of reality that allows you to witness a most spectacular unfolding of your long sought dreams. 


14-60-minute one-on-one sessions via Zoom video, or if local to Colorado, at Womenfolk Beauty’s Wellness studio in Denver. 

Support via mini email masterminds between session

Your own personal classroom portal where all audio, video, written lessons, journal prompts and soul work can be found. 

Vibrational medicine and guided ceremonies for shifting energy on the 5D

Guided tools that help you to ground what is taking place energetically with what is happening on the 3D, physical experience. This is the practical, grounded work done daily. 

Weekly prompts and journaling exercises-the kind that bring lots of “AHA!”, lightbulb moments and which deepen your process. 

2-30 minute accountability check in sessions after our 7 months together spaced every 3 months. 

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PAY IN FULL : $6889

*deducted every 60 days

Listen to the wisdom within. If it's telling you it's time, honor this knowing.