for the past 18 years I've led thousands of women intuitively towards their best lives through a unique blend of intuitive alchemy and traditional counseling and coaching modalities.

Who better to guide you to the brand new, aligned you than the queen of change herself? 

Welcome! You are in the sacred portal of transition. Perhaps coming out of a relationship or looking to align with a new one. Maybe you seek to up-level your career or build one that is heart-centered. Maybe you've looked around at your life and realized it just doesn't fit anymore and you are ready to reinvent yourself. 

The Elevate Mentorship turns ideas into goals and goals into achievements. 

What I do

You're in the right place


You're in the right place!

Hey there! Im Laura Brown!!!

And I have built a life around embracing and creating change. From the small (hello new hair color every other week!) to the large (yep, I've across the country literally on a moments notice!). I've lived an internally and externally nomadic life where really the only truly consistency was to be found in my work.



I admit to trying a lot of different methods to manifesting and some of the worked fairly well. What I love about Laura's approach is that it combines many different methods into one cohesive approach that brings results and fast. 
It''s a method that I will stick with now and in the future. 

"I adore Laura and her way of teaching this process."

The Reviews:




Part of why this works is because you are healing the parts of the self that literally held you back before. I love it! 

"A holistic approach to manifesting that heals."

The Reviews:




And found it so powerful I was compelled to sign up for the full course. Through the entire process I felt like a new world was opening up to me. One that had always been there but that I had never before seen. I can say that within just a matter of days I manifested one of the things on my list. The best part is that I've learned tools that will stay with me always. Thank you a million times over!!!!

"I actually started first with the free masterclass..."

The Reviews:


This mentorship will give you

-Clearly defined goals that you are not only meeting but surpassing. This means your life looks and feels like a dream come true! (And everybody has time for THAT!)

-Tools! I teach you the tools needed to continue the progress even after our mentorship is through. This means the progression, the expansion, the elevation of your experience NEVER has to stop!

-On going support. After our time together we will schedule 2 check in calls. These help to ground the entire experience and bring everything full circle. 

-A life that you will feel proud of and aligned with. 

you will feel...

-Aligned and connected to your inner truth and purpose. Whatever you are working towards will be built upon the deepest authenticity. 

-Connected to your multidimensional self which means you live this life from an "I can" perspective that allows you to accomplish absolutely anything you set to achieve. 

-Aware and empowered that you can make change happen for yourself and that you absolutely deserve the best that this life has to offer. 

You will experience...

-Expanded creative energy giving you access to effortless manifestation and the moving away from muscling your way to your most aligned life. 

-The leaving behind of the book of Fate and the opening of the book of Destiny-connecting you with your purpose and bringing magic into your life. 

-Wild synchronicities that align the world around you so that all you desire comes to find YOU. 

how we get you there...

-60-minute one-on-one weekly sessions via Zoom video, or if local to Colorado, at my office in Parker, CO

-Support via mini email masterminds between session

-Your own personal classroom portal where all sessions, as well as additional audio, video, written lessons, journal prompts and soul work can be found. 

-Vibrational medicine and guided ceremonies for shifting energy on the 5D both in session and recorded for you in the classroom for between sessions.

-Tools that help you to ground what is taking place energetically with what is happening on the 3D, physical experience. This is the practical, grounded work done daily to shed limiting subconscious programming into expansive beliefs around worthiness, havingness, and deservingness.

-Weekly prompts and journaling exercises-the kind that bring lots of “AHA!”, lightbulb moments and which deepen your process. This is the alchemy and the transmuting of energy and though optional are the secret to really seeing things shift. 

2-30 minute accountability check-in sessions after our 6-12 months together spaced at 1 and 3 months post mentorship.



Lets make shift happen

2X weekly sessions-$777 p/m

Close your eyes. Breath deep. Is this for you? If so, honor the calling.