Let's look at what you need to do in order to manifest and expand the channels for your Soulmate to flow into your life. This session looks at the vibration or energetic component, the actions need to be taken, insight on the person coming forward and more. 

My email sessions are a client favorite-especially for those who lead busy lives (dont we all!!!) and those international. I type even faster than I speak (which is really saying something, my love!) so you receive a stream of consciousness incorporating the insight blended from natural and trained skills. This provides you with clarity, direction, empowerment and prediction into what is ahead. 

All sessions are delivered in a beautifully designed (because you deserve the absolute best!) e-book within 72 hours unless stated otherwise. All sessions are done in order received so depending on the current schedule this timeframe may change but you will be notified of any delay. 

Additionally you receive an image of your session for reflecting and its encouraged you allow your own insight to pour through to add to the richness of the session. 


If you have ANY questions feel free to reach out to info@intuitivealchemy.co
After purchase please keep your eyes peeled for the intake form we will send your way! 


the features

Manifesting Your Soulmate

01. 3-8 Pages of insight, clarity and direction forward.

02. Insight blended from natural and trained skills

03. Delivered in a beautifully designed e-book within 72 hours of purchase. 


Please note that all sessions are done in the order received and as such there may be a delay greater than 72 hours in the completion and delivery of your session. You will be reached via email if there is an additional delay expected. 

Please check out using the email you check most often as this is where your session will be sent. 
Additionally, after purchasing you will be sent a link to submit your intake. This is important for me to know the focus of your session. Please fill in full and return promptly.

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