Alchemy is a process by which we transcend the unconsciousness of our primal state and rise to the realization of full enlightenment. It is the interactive dance through which we weave the tangible and intangible in the tapestry of our experience. Our intuition serves as a guide, directing us to a portal through which we can achieve the superior and interior state of illumination. Of wholeness. Of truth and mastery. 



Welcome! I am Laura,

As a coach, alchemist and soothsayer, I hold space for women with the singular intent to assist in guiding each through the process of Intuitive Alchemy within their lives. With this process we identify your great work, or Opus. I see to guide us, intuitively, through the process of internal and external awakening. We begin to tap into and utilize our capacity to immediately manifest that which we desire. We enjoy a modern life which no longer feels flat, devoid or out of balance but rather one which is rich with deep connection and dreams which can and do become reality. We begin living a life of deep purpose and meaning and in so doing we give permission for others to do the same.



 Intuitive Medicine







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