I believe in the blending of intuition and coaching as a means of breaking down walls of limitation and rising to our fullest potential. I believe that spiritual wisdom and sacred self-care need not be arcane or inaccessible by those of us leading a modern life. Allowing intuition and spirit to guide us can be fun, enjoyable and uplifting. We can allow this wisdom to be medicine to our entire being-enabling us to lead a modern and yet soulful life. 




I assist women who are seeking personal and spiritual revolution within their lives. Who are ready to break down walls which have held them in place. Women who feel a deep desire to tap into their purpose. Women who are tired of living according to another's rule book and desire to define life for themselves. I do this by holding sacred space for both readings and intuitive coaching which brings about integration, healing and empowerment. Readings provide us with insight and coaching gives this insight wheels so we begin to see immediate transformation in our lives. 


An Alchemist-a weaver of my gifts natural and learned to be of service to men and women everywhere. I seek to be a medium between spirit and you. To provide insight and guidance which is medicine for your entire being.

As a lifelong intuitive (we all are, actually, and I can help you tap into this quality within yourself!) I have floated between spaces my entire life. One part mundane, one part magic and mystery. I have traveled many paths, made many mistakes and cried many tears of both agony and joy. My intuition, spirit, the Goddess, have never failed to assist in pulling me back on course with my soul’s purpose.



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