Full Moon Pisces: Deep Healing Of Old Wounds

This Friday hosts a Full Moon Eclipse in Pisces which is conjunct with Chiron-the wounded healer. Chiron is half-human, half-animal; half of this world and half of another. He is the gentle reminder that we, too, live in both worlds. That we have our physical self and our spiritual self. That our actions have ripples which stretch far and wide and that the wounds we have in the physical create indelible marks within our energy or Ka bodies.  

Having such a heavy focus upon our wounds is not exactly the easiest of experienced. Our wounds and the pain that accompanies them, are our greatest teachers. They show us who are we and what we are made of. They show us where there are fractures in the foundation and what we can do to build a stronger and sturdier foundation that supports us and our growth. 

When we understand the nature of our wounds we understand why we are facing certain themes within our lives. Our eyes open to our own actions and how they impact what transpires around us. We suddenly become crystal clear as to the path forward. When we create spaciousness for our wounds and the experience of them we hold space for others to do the same. To embrace their wounds as opposed to trying to throw dirt over it and ignore their existence.  

We create the space for deep healing and release. A release that ultimately allows us to move forward, untethered, unencumbered by the past; understanding and finally seeing the blessing of knowing we are more than our old selves. We are so much more powerful than where we have been. In fact we are powerful because of it and because of stepping, bravely, into the future with lessons learned, hearts warmed and open and true faith in the unflappable strength that resides deep in our spirits. 

Won't you join me in some deep healing?

This Friday, as we celebrate this beautiful Full Moon Lunar Eclipse I am hosting a **FREE** LIVE healing event!

I am hosting a LIVE video event providing an overview of this Full Moon as well as a LIVE Reiki Healing and blessing. I offer this in honor of the deep healing that is opening for us all with this Full Moon. My intention is to hold space that allows for wounds new and old to be healed, filled with white light and thus released. I will perform a blessing that will help to empower us to release old ties and step, freely, into divine perfection. 

Date: 9/16/16

Time: 1 pm MST/3pm EST

A recording of the event is available should you be unable to make it live. 

It is an honor to hold this space for you and I cannot wait for you to join me this Friday at 1pm MST!




Laura Brown