Blessing Or Curse: How To Soar During Mercury Retrograde

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Mercury retrograde is rocking his stuff yet again!! Mercury officially stations retrograde on August 30th in Virgo and lasts until September 22nd. The shadow period for this transit is two weeks prior and post the event so the effects will be felt until October 6th.  For those of you in the dark when someone laments how Mercury Retrograde is royally causing complications with their cars, electronics, communication, overall state of well being let me explain.

At certain periods Mercury slows and appears to move backwards in the sky. Being the planet of communication when this happens we often times see that there are disruptions to things such as those mentioned above as well as the overused warning to not try anything new, not to sign contracts or make any major purchases during the time that Mercury is moonwalking across the sky.

Now don’t get me wrong-Mercury retrograde can be a pain in the ass. "Can" being the operative word. I do not subscribe to the ideology that this is a period of time when we must hide under our beds anxiously awaiting the next obstacle or challenge to arrive. It actually can be a very empowering time when the rare chance to redo something from our past is offered to us.

When I contemplate Mercury retrograde I think of the prefix “re” and its many iterations. Lets just brainstorm a few here.





Remember (not a prefix so much but I think still applicable.)







These are just a few and I definitely had to have some help from Websters-you can check out their entire list here.

The idea behind this shift in perspective is to help us all to understand that this is a time when we really have some serious momentum behind us to go back over something we didn’t quite figure properly. In the past, this has meant a chance for me to revisit (another RE word!!!) past relationships and patterned problems in past relationships. I have sometimes used this opportunity wisely by gaining a higher awareness and sometimes I have resorted (whew, another "re"; I’m on FYIAH!) to behaving in the same way I did previously. The idea being that sometimes we learn and sometimes we don’t. ;p

A chance to redo something whether large or small is a gift. It’s a chance to see where we need to learn and yes, sometimes it’s a lesson we still don’t nail it the second (or third!) time around. What I encourage is that we all enter this period of Mercury retrograde with a heart full of expectation and wonderment at the chance to do something again. How often do we get a cosmic do-ever?
In the case of Mercury Retrograde we see this cosmic opening just a few times a year and it is not a time to waste.
Its important to evaluate how we interact with our thoughts, those around us and our current station in life. We can bemoan that life is not going as we would like it to or we can see that there are deep pockets of inspiration, learning and real magic to be done. It requires that we journey into ourselves, and sometimes the less than savory sides of ourselves. We must dance with the shadows so we can uncover the numinous journey before us. We may have no clue how life is going to unfold for us but we can ensure that we grow and transform any challenge or perceived negative into something truly and gloriously positive.