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Your Essential Guide to Mercury Retrograde


Mercury is getting ready to do its moonwalk across the sky which means we can queue all the scare tactics in the form of helpful tips for dealing with Mercury retrograde. 

These fears are all true, to a degree. Mercury retrograde can be a pain to deal with as messages get lost in translation, electronics begin to act up and we generally find communication a bit fuzzier. 

But this transit is not something to run under the covers and hide from. Its actually a really powerful time for getting dialed into where we can begin to redefine ourselves and our lives. 

Ok, so what is Mercury retrograde, anyway? 

A planet appears to “go retrograde” or backward across the sky because of the difference in pace as planets orbit the Sun. Because each planet has its own unique orbit planets occasionally pass one another, giving the illusion that some planets are now moving backward. Sort of like two cars driving in different lanes. When one car speeds up it can make it appear that the other car is now moving backward. 

So all of the frustration of Mercury retrograde can basically be blamed on an optical illusion. 

So, what can I expect when Mercury is retrograde? 

As the messenger of the Gods, Mercury is all about swift and bold communication as well as movement and those things which aid this process. This means pretty much everything around our daily modern lives from our cars to our computers to our phones, falls under Mercury’s purview. 

When retrograde all that Mercury governs can begin to slow down and get lost in translation. The tech in our lives can be a source of great frustration and we are advised against communicating or signing any documents of great importance and meaning. 

How can I more holistically work with Mercury retrograde? 

While a lot of emphasis is placed on all that can go wrong with Mercury Rx I like to promote a different approach. The prefix “re” is a major mood when Mercury is in its retrograde. When we work with the prefix “re” we actually find we can greatly diminish the tension of this transit and instead work with its flow. 

Some tasks that are appropriate during this time:

Redecorating your home and sprucing things up to reflect who you are today. 

Redesign that website and give it a makeover. 

Redo anything that you feel needs it. Maybe its time to redo that conversation with your loved one or friend? 

Redefine who you are. The great magic of this human experience is the freedom to change our minds and choose differently. 

In particular, this last Mercury retrograde of 2019 is taking place in Scorpio. Considering themes around death, rebirth, sensuality, sexuality, depth, and mystery are going to prove major. Many of us will have doors open that we had once thought were locked forever. Now is our chance to redo anything we felt we lapsed on before and see if we can make it happen for us this time. 

Past lovers are also likely to pop back in for a comeback moment Just be mindful that this transit doesn’t promise that the relationship will be any different. Use this transit to reassess whether giving the relationship another go is a wise decision. 

While Mercury retrograde can be a mood it doesn’t have to be a sour one. There is much to accomplish during this transit that doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. As with most things in life if we work with the energies we find ourselves worked by them far less. 

Happy retrograding loves! 

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