You’re Special

And so are the dreams within you. The vision of what you are capable of is crystal clear to me. And I know, despite the doubt, the insecurity, the uncertainty, that it is for you too.

I want to invite you back into the fold. 2019 is going to be a year of great shifts for me as I begin working outside the home offering my services through Ritual Cravt’s store. This is the first time in 17 years I’ve worked outside the home. But along with my current practice space is going to be limited. So limited that I am only offering 5 openings for clients in both Intuitive Counseling (formerly IM) and Manifest Sessions.

Before I open these spaces to the general public I am offering them to my VIP’s. Those of you who are near and dear to my heart. Who I KNOW benefit from the work we did and can continue to do together. Those who I know are capable of absolute, pure and unadulterated magic.


Do you remember the strides you made?

The progress you saw happening around you? The breakthroughs and breakdowns that lead to more breakthroughs? Do you remember that feeling of pride and joy when you accomplished something you thought impossible?

I want you to feel that way again.

I want you to always feel that way.

I have 5 spots remaining for clients and not only do I want to invite you back into the fold but I want you to be able to make this a stress free addition to your life.

Because self betterment is not for only the privileged.

I am offering VIP’s the chance to come back at the old price point OR to take advantage of a special sliding scale.

These spots will not remain open long. I encourage you to fill out the form below to get more info.

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