January 13, 2018

4 Simple Words To Up Your Manifesting Game in ’18




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So, let’s not make any mistake-co-creation, manifesting, well this shit takes a little bit of work. It’s not the dumbed down version so rampant in pop culture and these 4 words alone are not going to turn you into an all-powerful, infallible manifestor. BUT I have found that these 4 words have immediately shifted the flow of my manifesting to create a more open path.

These 4 words affirm our commitment. Our vision. Our resolution. They tell the Universe, “here I am”. So, what are they?

I’m ready to receive.

That’s it. I’m reading to receive. With these words, we declare that we are ready to be receptive to that which we desire. We create pathways in the brain that direct it to look for evidence that we are ready to receive. Evidence that there is something around us, in our environment, and within us, to receive.

Why are these 4 words so incredibly effective for opening the path? Because simply put our biggest block is not the lack of what we want. It’s not that we are unworthy of what we want (though we very well could be blocking ourselves on this front too but more on that later). It’s not even that there is a karmic reason for why you haven’t received what you want.

It’s because we are the biggest block to receiving what we want.

See we all come with a pretty heavily ingrained perception. This perception serves, in essence, as code for our brains. We create the code of our perception, “upload” this code to our brains and thus our brains are given the commands through which it functions

This wouldn’t be an issue if our code was not so often riddled with blocks, lack of receptivity and beliefs that are untrue if not devilishly damaging to our sense of well-being. In truth for so many of us the code we’ve uploaded to our brains is horrifically root in limitation and lack.

Therefore, our brains, which are operating via a system of limitation and lack, process information in accordance to this limitation and lack. It will only accept information which affirms or supports limitation and lack. Our brains will reject everything else. Even the painfully obvious evidence that our programmed brain is wrong will be debased and discarded.

But when we begin to reprogram the brain with a different code, with a code which suggests we are worthy, that we are here with purpose, that we are inherently limitless and can manifest anything we desire for the self so long as it is authentic and of our highest good suddenly the world around us appears to change.

It doesn’t really change.

I mean it’s not as though suddenly matter has changed right before our very eyes (or has it, hmmm) creating an entirely new world around us. But our brain sees an entirely different world because now its receiving and accepting information which supports our limitlessness. In truth, this world was always available to us we simply needed to shift our perception. To change our internal code.

So, you can see how by just simply declaring loudly and proudly. With meaning and with heart. With intention and with passion, “I’m ready to receive” can become an anthem which can radically alter the way our brain takes in information about what is available to us to receive.

We can quite literally go from perceiving the world as being devoid of anything to give us to being limitlessly abundant in what is available for us to receive.

Manifesting is a deeply personal, intimate journey. If you are ready to receive I look forward to connecting in a session.





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