Thank you for shining the light and being my guide. My life is enriched beyond measure because of the work you’ve guided me through….



I look forward to your daily readings on Instagram and feel incomplete without them. You hit it on the head every. single. time.



Wish I found her soon. Accurately described things in my life without any details from me - only asked a simple question without giving any background. She gave so much info and explained certain situations using specific words that I know for a fact is correct.



Friends: as I soar towards the places I always knew - but had stopped believing - I would end up at, I find myself sitting in gratitude when it comes to the wonderful @intuitivealchemy.co.
When I say she changed my life, I want you to understand the depth in which she has transformed me and turned me inside out.
I’ve seen therapists all around the world, and hired coaches in different fields over the past 10 years - but I’ve never had the results I’ve had with Laura.
Within one session of Intuitive Alchemy, I had healed wounds I hadn’t even NOTICED with other experts. Sure, everyone works differently: but with Laura, it’s not been uncommon to have a session with SO many life-changing realisations that I need to write them down before I forget (because there are so many).

-Melissa DeBlok


She is seriously the BEST!!! You really just can't get any better than her. So good, it's ridiculous!! Best friend vibe with a little slice of Heaven. Thank you, Laura!!! XO



Her readings are scary accurate. The kind that as she speaks you get chills because words you’ve heard, words you’ve said, the very thoughts you have running through your mind are being repeated back to you by her. She is magic in the truest sense and a must make investment when you have questions and cannot find your way. -Jessica