January 29, 2018

Success in 5 Simple Steps




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Is there a prescription to success? Not likely considering how vast and varied we all are. But there are habits that help to push the energy in the right direction. As a mama of 3, a wife, home owner and business owner I have steps that I follow rather religiously to ensure that I stay on top of my game. Steps that helped me to grow my business ten-fold and help me to expand as I grow and evolve within my work.

These steps are helpful regardless of whether you are seeking to become successful in business of just feeling successful in this journey called life. Most of all they are tried and true and pulled from my life to the page.


Get up and get at ’em • There is something to be said for waking up even 60 minutes early than normal. A habit that I was reluctant to try out much less adopt as part of my routine was getting up earlier than I needed. As a self-professed night owl, I did some of my best work between the hours of 12-3 am…when I was single and childless. And I tried to maintain a bit of that schedule even after having kids. It worked when they were babies and up every couple of hours to begin with but pretty soon I was suffering from mental fatigue and fog that hardly made for quality creating. It hardly made for quality living.

While I still enjoy sleep and wish that all of life could be done from a bed (hence the reason I work from home!) my routine in the morning now informs the rest of the day before me. I get up 60-90 minutes before my kids allows me to spend 20 minutes in yoga, 20 minutes in meditation and get in some journaling with my coffee. That bit of time split among the things that bring me the most peace sets both the tone and the bar for the remainder of my day. I am more equipped to handle the inevitable ups and down of my day and because I have already gotten in some serious self-care in I interact with each minute of my day with a greater level of consciousness…


Because it all starts with “me” (the royal me) • We are only as successful in any endeavor as we are capable of showing up. And I don’t know about you, but I know that when I am not tending to my needs or have slacked on the self-care my level of presence is greatly diminished. Part of the reason why getting up even an hour earlier than the actual business of my day is so crucial is that it gives me that undivided time to dedicate to myself. So that no matter what else my day holds or how busy it gets, and we all know it gets busy and quick, I have already taken time out for myself. And that makes all the difference in how I show up for everything else my day entails.


Know when it’s a quitting’ time • When 6PM hits this mama is off her computer and dancing around the kitchen with the kids while whipping up a tasty meal. This is my time to clean up after the kids get home from school and sip on a cup of wine or tea while tending to our meal. We talk about our day, we share funny stories. We commiserate over a challenge and allow the emotions to flow. I may have to open that computer up again later after they are in bed but sometimes knowing when it’s time to quit can have just as much an impact as knowing when to get started.


Celebrate the big and the small • When I was first establishing my business I celebrated every single milestone and achievement. New client? Let’s celebrate! Article got over 100 views? Hell, yeah, let’s celebrate! Made my first 100k? Bring out the champagne, baby! It’s all relative, the large and small events that make us feel good and represent growth are worth our time and consideration. It fuels us to keep moving and to honor the efforts that got us to where we are. This also happens to be one of the first things to go when we become “settled” in our success. We begin to look so far ahead that we miss what is taking place right here, right now. It’s good to have long term goals and that prize in the distance but only if we can still celebrate and honor the work, and the results this work brings, in the present moment as well.


Its free to be kind • The most successful, happy, loved, popular…. insert any other good feeling adjective here, are those who have mastered the art of being nice. It costs absolutely nothing and makes all the world a better and more empowered place. Those who “mean girl” their way to success find it fleeting. And even those who manage to claw their mean assess to the top find it a lonely place to be. A kind word, some assistance, sharing what we have learned or just being there as an ear when someone needs us, builds community. It is integrity in action and nothing, nothing is more successful than integrity that moves.



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