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Your story directs your life



Your story dictates what you will do and who you will do it with. it controls the nature of your relationship with love, money, passion, community and the self. It is a story that holds you in a pattern of repeating behavior that makes change difficult if not entirely impossible. And there is a reason why….

We humans are much like hamsters on a wheel; constantly repeating the same loop of behaviors bred from a story of what we are and are not capable and worthy of.


You’ve known what changes you’ve needed to make. You’ve know exactly what was out of alignment or no longer felt good. You are tired of being broke, lonely, afraid, overweight etc. And you likely started the process of creating change numerous times. And just as fast as you got started everything fell flat. You went right back to the same behavior, doing the same things, thinking the same thoughts and ultimately, telling the same damn story as you’ve been telling for… well, forever.

This is due to the power of story-in particular our personal narrative. A story that was bred from unhealthy modeling and trauma we’ve experienced. A story that contains a carefully curated set of archetypal roles we’ve been playing with Oscar worthy praise for years. Storyteller is the answer for shifting our unhealthy narrative that has kept us locked in this repeating pattern that allows for you to manifest the life you’ve always dreamed of. Gone are the days of hoping, its time to create.

We accomplish this by marrying Shamanic practices with those of Jungian psychology.

This program includes journeying to transpersonal realms, holding sacred space, ceremony, spiritual offerings of gratitude as well as dreamwork and active imaginings. These tools help to access the unconscious and the trauma enfolded there.

We marry Jungian active imaginings with Shamanic practices of communicating with the very essence of creation to dive deep within the chapters of your personal narrative and help you bring awareness and understanding to what created your present reality.



  • Understand your own unique personal narrative and how it was shaped.

  • See the limitations in the story you’ve told and the power its held over your life.

  • Recognize Archetypal energies you’ve embodied and lived out, creating the life you’ve experienced.

  • Utilize invaluable spiritual and traditional tools for unlocking the subconscious.

  • Repair trauma and limiting programming in the subconscious

  • Reclaim authorship of your life by creating a new narrative

  • Create lasting and positive change that helps you find the ultimate freedom and build a full life.

With Storyteller You Receive:

  • 13 weekly pdf and audio lessons.

  • Guided meditations including active imaginings, subconscious excavation and more.

  • Dreamwork instructions and framework for interacting with and co-creating with Source.

  • Instructions on Intuitive Dialogue for receiving insight and guidance direct from Source.

  • Exercises for unlocking and clearing out the unconscious.


We will cover

Week 1 : The Power of Narrative

Week 2: How Blending Shamanic and Jungian practices can create lasting change.

Week 3: Exploring The Story Your Presently Tell

Week 4: Curating a New And Better Narrative

Week 5: What To Expect And Preparing For Journey

Week 6: Active Imaginings And Intuitive Dialogue With The Subconscious

Week 7: Entering Liminal Space In Journey

Week 8: Energetics of Change

Week 9: Inviting the death of the old and rebirth of the new

Week 10: Dreamwork

Week 11: Burning Ceremony of Release

Week 12: Ceremony to Manifest

Week 13: Living The New Narrative

storyteller program
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Its time

Its time to tell a different story. To take back your power and build an abundant, full, delicious life. Because you’re worth it, bb! Your investment is 5 payments of $125. We begin on the new moon 12/7