February 1, 2018

Attract Your Soul-Mate: So Purkh Mantra




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So Purkh is a 40 day challenge for women to bring forward masculine presence in their life. It is suggested that this mantra can attract your partner but it goes well beyond this.

This is about healing the masculine wounds within the self. Those wounds fostered through our interaction romantically that have fractured our essence. And just as it can help to heal and thus bring forth in great magnetism partners in your life it also can help to heal the relationship you presently have. 

This mantra is great for women to ready themselves for the masculine. To create the space for the masculine to arrive in a healthy and organic way that allows for them to be who they are so she can be who she is. A healthy relationship is one which allows for this spaciousness. It can also be helpful for anyone who needs to heal the masculine within, especially men looking to step into their sacred vibration. 

Personal Experience

My personal experience with this mantra falls under the realm of healing the relationship with my husband. Anyone who has been in a long term relationship knows that it holds space for the good and the bad. Its the whole gambit and not just the honeymoon phase so sought before and after vows have been taken. 

Add onto that 3 kids, owning a home, two busy and thriving careers and there is bound to be some tension which arises. Tension, however, possess both a blessing and a curse and its our job to seek out the blessing in the tension. This can be problematic, right? We are a culture of complainers who lament our woes instead of seeing where there may be some nugget of medicine so this can feel very unfamiliar. 

This mantra served as a means through which healing of this tension could take place. Instead of focusing on the liability or curse of the tension which existed between us I could receive the medicine. The medicine which allowed for resentment to drop away like honey. The medicine that allowed for a healthy spaciousness for us to each exists as the dynamic individuals we are even while creating and existing in this container of marriage. 

The Practice

The mantra is a 40 day challenge. Each day you recite the mantra 11 times which can take some time, about 30-35 minutes so set that time aside. Its a drop in the bucket of the totality of our day and the results are well worth the investment of time.
The words themselves take some practice with pronouncing. When I first started this practice I would sit in meditation, listening intently to the words and allowing their vibration to move through me and my energy. As I listened more and more and read the words I was able to recite the mantra myself. There are benefits to both so do not feel that because you are not sure how to pronounce the words that you should not participate. 

The most important component of this meditation is not pronouncing every word accurately but the intention you put behind receiving the vibration of this divine prayer. Are you looking to heal your masculine wounds? Are you looking to receive the masculine in your life? Are you a male who seeks to enter into his divine vibration? Are you looking to heal the connection between yourself and your partner? Having this intention clear in your mind, and even spoken aloud is paramount. 

When I first began and did not yet speak the mantra aloud I would focus on my intention over and over while receiving. 

You can read the divine prayer
You can listen to the mantra in my Spotify playlist.


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