Venus | Bath Blend

Venus | Bath Blend


Honor the beauty within. Honor your body. Honor your creativity and capacity to attract that which you desire to you…..

The Venus bath blend is a delicious and luxurious exploration into honoring the energy of beauty, creativity and attraction.

I work with this blend whenever I desire to attract something (love, money, new opportunities) into my life. Its also a blend that I prefer when I aim to celebrate the Goddess within me. Unfurling the divine feminine within as an act of ceremony and honoring.

Also good as a daily devotion to any Venus natural/planetary magick you are conducting.

You receive 5.7oz of the Venus salt blend-and though I know the temptation is to take spoon full after spoonful a little does go a very long way with this blend. This is an all natural product utilizing organic botanicals so you can shop and steep with confidence!

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