Velvet Skin Sugar Scrub

Velvet Skin Sugar Scrub


A must have item for the upcoming cooler and dryer months of Winter! This is my best selling sugar scrub! Organic sugar blended with mango, shea and coconut butters with rose petals and organic rose absolute. This leaves your skin feeling as soft as velvet and oh-so-touchable!

I created this special blend a few years after moving to Colorado where moisture levels are low and my skin was dry, cracked and bleeding. I am a HUGE fan of exfoliation but frankly I couldn’t enjoy the benefits with skin so dry that I was left with sores if I dared use anything even remotely abrasive. This blend is designed to exfoliate and also leave the skin moisturized and completely radiant. After my shower or bath I no longer need to immediately apply lotion-it is that good.

Be warned the natural butters in this recipe can make for a slippery surface so be sure to use a little soap and some hot water to clean out your tub or shower to avoid any mishaps.

I offer this in an 8oz, low profile jar and this can last up to 4-6 months. A little, as always, goes a long way so use sparingly to make it last longer. If interested in larger quantities just message as this tends to sell out FAST!

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