Tumbled prehnite with epidote

Tumbled prehnite with epidote


This is the stone that heals the healer. Are you a healer? A doctor, midwife or nurse? Are you an intuitive, energy worker, shaman? Then this is a must have stone to add to your medicine chest.

Prehnite is a stone that holds you, showers you with love and compassion. It surrounds you with all that you surround others with as you do the sacred work of healing and holding space for others.

Additionally these specimens contain epidote inclusions. Epidote is a very expensive mineral that helps to ground our energy and has the added benefit of adding to prehnite’s healing ability but giving a little manifesting oomph to the stone.

These specimens are approx. 1-.5” and come with a sage leaf to cleanse and prepare for charging with your intent.

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