Want to know a secret? This, right here, is the stone I add to all my beauty products. I charge all beauty products from scrubs, salts and lotions sold in this shop with Mook Jasper. Why? Because it is a stone of graceful aging. Its name means running waters and it stimulates the production of collagen in the body.

In short this is the stone medicine alternative that surpasses any anti-aging product created by man.

Additionally Mookaite helps us to open to adventure and be receptive to the ebb and flow of life. Helping us to maintain a balanced and healthful approach to life at all times.

This is a stone to behold. Its gorgeous hues of red, purple, brown and cream. The variegation makes for a captivating site and one which brings this essence of this to our being.

With purchase you receive a stunning ,75-.5” stone that comes with a white sage leaf for you to cleanse in preparation of charging with your intent.

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