Tumbled Hematoid Quartz

Tumbled Hematoid Quartz

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Grounding, stabilizing and calming for the body and mind, hematoid quartz is a fantastic addition to your stone medicine tool chest.

This is a stone known for its calming capabilities making it a great stone for those moments of tension, anxiety and stress. This is a stone I work with in helping my youngest find her center in those Scorpio moments of great emotion and overwhelm. The addition of hematite with quartz helps us to move beyond reactivity and into a place of conscious response.
This is a highly charged stone which not only protects your energy but assists in transmuting energy.

Lastly- this is a top stone for aiding memory-ideal for those who need assistance in public speaking or for students. Or if you are just like me and walk into a room and forgot what you meant to grab ;)

I have several large, medium and small pieces. Approximate size is given in the drop down. Each stone comes with a white sage leaf for you to cleanse the energy and prepare to charge with your intent.

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