Tumbled Epidote

Tumbled Epidote


Epidote is a master manifestor. This is THE stone medicine to have on hand when working to manifest ANYTHING in life.

This is the stone I worked with during one of the most powerful and abundant periods in my work. It helped me to level up my business taking me and my business to new and VERY prosperous heights.

But it doesn’t just manifest money (though we all could use some cold hard cash at times!), it manifests anything you wish to bring forth into your life!

A word of warning, however….

This is a true manifesting stone-those who have worked with this stone know all too well that it brings forth where your focus and intent goes. This means that if you find yourself in a very negative state of mind and heart it will amplify and bring forth more of this. This is why you wear, work with or hold this stone when you are in the right frame of mind with a clear idea of what you wish to bring forth.

Don’t get me wrong, honey, I get it…

Some days we just feel like shit-we are preoccupied with what we lack and what is wrong in life. This is completely and 100% OK, ok? And yes, knowing what you DON’T want is some pretty important information when you are working to manifest.

Its just that when you find yourself feeling negative or focusing only on what you lack and just cannot seem to shake that feeling….then leave this stone charging on your altar to come back to on another day.

This is the stone to work with when you have that vision clear. When you feel the sense of empowerment that yes, you can do this! This is the stone to work with when the vision within is solid and you know that even if you do not have every piece aligned just right quite yet, its only a matter of time.

And with this stone as your companion, it is.

Each tumbled stone is a beautiful and earth shade of green and will arrive with a white sage leaf for you to cleanse and charge with your intent.

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