Liminal | Suffumigation | Incense Blend

Liminal | Suffumigation | Incense Blend


This is for my journey takers. For those who weave spells with Spirit. Who dance between the veil and commune with the whispers upon the winds….

I am so incredibly proud of this blend and excited to offer it here in the shop. This is a proprietary blend of herbs, resins and botanicals known for deepening meditation, inducing a trance-like state and helping you to accesses the liminal space.

The unique ingredients for this blend are incredibly rare and expensive but also incredibly effective for helping us down into deep, restorative and transformative meditation.

I have also infused my living space with this blend when energy was tense and my sons or my own anxiety was peaking. This is a deeply relaxing blend that when used can help induce a very calm, peaceful energy to any space.

You receive a 3 oz apothecary jar that you can reuse once finished. A little goes a VERY long way so use sparingly. Additionally its recommended that you allow the smoke of this blend to fill the spaces of your space rather than taking in direct. The herbs and resins are quite powerful and you may find it jarring to take in direct.

All herbs, resins and botanicals are certified organic and ethically obtained so you can shop with confidence.

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