Flowers For Your Face | Detox

Flowers For Your Face | Detox


Flowers For Your Face is a blend of botanicals known for their skin beautifying and healing properties. This particular blend is to detox your skin from the many heavy metals, free radicals and other pollutants we put on and in our bodies. Composed of botanicals that open and clear the pores, expunge toxins as well as those that fight inflammation and soothe the skin.

Our skin, an in particular the skin on our face, are subjected to untold amounts of toxins and pollutants in the environment and the beauty/skin-care products commonly used. This facial steam is designed to help provide you with a natural alternative that brings back the natural state of vitality and purity of our most delicate skin.

You receive an 8oz apothecary jar with spoon. Simply gather boiling water and add a few spoonfuls to it and drape a towel over you and the bowl, taking in the amazing benefits of these botanicals.

All botanicals are certified organic so you can shop with confidence.

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