Energetics of Manifesting

Energetics of Manifesting


Get ready to leap into the multiverse and connect with the version of you that exists who is not only able to manifest with great ease but who is also abundant beyond their wildest dreams.

27 Minutes of empowering and profound connection to your highest capacity to manifest. This is the most requested meditation I offer those I work with in my bespoke Manifest Sessions and its for a damn good reason. This is the meditation, more so than any that brings immediacy to the manifesting process.

Those I have guided through this meditation have emailed me sometimes mere hours after to tell me of wild shifts and great gains attained. For those looking to jump start their capacity to manifest this meditation is the exact medicine you need.

For those looking to touch upon each of the essential branches of the Curated Life Process, the process I teach those I work with in Manifesting Sessions, you may purchase the album here.

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