CLEANSE | Bath Salt Blend

CLEANSE | Bath Salt Blend


Your energy and its vitality matters. It matters just as much as the organs and skin that is part of your 3-D body. This blend of pink Himalayan, dead sea and epsom salts and botanicals are brought together with the intention of cleansing your energy and helping you stay vital.

One of my favorite acts of sacred selfishness is running a hot bath and loading it up with salts and herbs. I do this at every waning moon in particular when I become a bit ungrounded and listless.

This is the blend that I have crafted for myself for years and is now available for you.

This blend does contain lemon which is a known energizer so I do not necessary recommend using this blend before bed if you know that you are sensitive to lemon.

You receive 5.7oz of the Cleanse salt blend-and though I know the temptation is to take spoon full after spoonful a little does go a very long way with this blend. This is an all natural product utilizing organic botanicals and only the purest lemon essential oil.

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