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shadow work

deep self awareness + personal magnetism



Shadow work is an exploration of the feminine, generative part of your being, the unconscious. It is in this place that we hold our trauma, wounds, and shadowy, socially unacceptable desires. It is here that we hide the parts of ourself we deem unlovable, unworthy and not acceptable for public consumption.

This is also the birthplace for all we experience in this lifetime. And when we are struggling to manifest our desires it is due to an unconscious programming that secretly desires the very opposite of what you tell yourself and the world you consciously desire.  

Shadow work is an excavation of all that resides within the unconscious. By exploring the unconscious and examining what is held therein we unlock the unconscious and allow ourselves to process the wounds and limiting beliefs we have around the areas where we struggle most in our lives.

Perhaps you keep attracting the same type of person or partnership or maybe none at all? Struggle with money?Maybe you struggle to let go of your depression and insecurity so you can find peace of mind?

Think of the unconscious as a locked box that holds every experience, good and bad, that we’ve been through and that was modeled by those around us since before we were born. Its all of the unknown parts that are still creating, behind the scenes, all that we experience.

When we unlock this box we are able to release the lack of unworthiness, bridge the gap between the unconscious and conscious and thus work to create a life filled with the very things you have desired and felt were out of your reach.


  • Manifest the life you desire by bridging the unconscious/unknown parts of the self with the conscious desires you have. This brings the masculine seed of the consciousness into the feminine womb of the unconscious allowing us to create new life within our experience.

  • Find lasting freedom from patterns that have held you hostage.

  • Unravel the conditioning of your ego that keeps you locked in beliefs of unworthiness or being undeserving of love.

  • Own the events that have played out into your life so you can take back your power and create your next chapter with greater clarity and wisdom.

  • Understand the archetypal patterns that are playing out within your life.

  • Become aware of the hidden influences such as anger, jealousy, fear and more, that influence your behavior and shape the life you’ve lived thus far.

  • Embrace your being in wholeness, shadow and light so you can truly understand your unique gifts and purpose.

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We will meet via a Zoom call for 60 minutes. A recording of your session will be sent to you within 24 hours.

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monthly program

We will meet each month to take your magnetism to new heights. Choose from the options available. A recording for each session will be sent out within 24 hours.