June 8, 2017

6 Things You Should ALWAYS Be Selfish About In Relationships




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I’m a giver. A BIG giver; I give it all and then some. It doesn’t matter if it’s a romantic connection or a friendship, I give everything to the nth degree. In the past, I did this to the point that I hardly knew who I was or what I wanted because I was too busy watching you to figure out what you would want from me. And why on Mama Earth would I do this?

Well, I was convinced that the more that I gave—the more that I created myself in the image of what others wanted—the less likely they would be to leave. I know now that this behavior was rooted in a lack of self-confidence. But it took me a while to learn just how detrimental this behavior was to the best, and most important relationship I will ever foster—the one with myself.

The truth is, we all have some experience with giving up too much of ourselves for the sake of a relationship. But the best relationships are a beautiful blend of giving and taking, so how do you know where to draw the line? It helps to know what you should absolutely never give up, and then work from there. So, here are six things you should never give up in a relationship.

Read more here. My latest on Mind Body Green breaks down things we should remain steadfastly, selfishly devoted to never giving up in our relationships!

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