May 1, 2018






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Whew! The energy of this full moon is electrifying! There are endings and shake ups and total mayhem and it feels RAW. But it also feels like medicine. The idea that whatever is happening, as painful, challenging and completely mind boggling though it may be, it is here for a reason. 

Taking in Channeled Messages 

I sat today to channel a message and receive the transmission for this very intense, very difficult and yet completely healing full Scorpio moon. Allow these words to drip into every fiber, every cell, of your being. This is more than a channeled message relating to the energy of this transit. It is a powerful energetic transmission, a download for your spirit. Take these words in slowly. Take them in wholly and allow yourself to come back to them several times over the next two weeks as we ride the wave of the now waning energy. 

Full Moon Transmission

So much pain and suffering is of your own making. Attachment to what has been. To what you want to be. To what you expect. Funny, isnt it? How everything you want so badly is also the source of your greatest pain and frustration? 
A reminder that we are both our own source of freedom and bondage. 

There is no end to this until you make the sacrifice. The sacrifice of ego but more to the point the sacrifice of control. To let go of the vision you have in your head of what this all must resemble. Let go of the image you have of your relationship. Of your partner. Release the expectation that surrounds what they/it are supposed to be. 
Take in, instead, who/what they are. What they have to share with you in this moment. The challenges they present which in truth are amazing gifts for your growth and evolution as an energetic being having a most human journey. 

Let go of your idea of success. Let go of the idea that it comes in a certain package, arriving in a very particular way and feeling like what you’ve heard others describe. 

Let go of the idea of acceptance that comes from anywhere but within. From anyone other than yourself. Witness how much freedom arrives when you let go of the idea that you can only accept yourself when others have first accepted you. 

What happens when you simply sit with what is? When you stop reimagining for a moent and start accepting this very moment in time. 
Notice how you have everything needed right here and now with what is before you right here and now. And yes, it may look different than what you want or think you want or what you expected it to be. But that doesn’t change that this is what we need. 

We need to see this. We need to face this. We need to feel this. To take a watery deep dive into THIS regardless of how uncomfortable it may be because its in these depths is precisely what will nourish us. Heal us. In these dark places is exactly what will give us air so we may rise to the surface.

And it is through this deep dive that we rise renewed and with a sense of where we are to go and what we are to do. That is free of trauma. Free of expectation and filled only with inspired action and overwhelming wonderment. 

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