May 29, 2018

Sagittarius Full Moon Reading





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Today marks the full moon in Sagittarius. A potent mix of adventure, optimism and communication/ideas (Sun in Gemini). For many of us the energy is quite palpable. We can feel adventure calling to us. We dare to dream and dream big. We want to see the vision of what we hold within translated before us in the physical. And now, more than ever, we are feeling both the clarity and boldness of vision to make it happen. 


This is your transmission/reading for todays full moon. Take these words in like medicine. Each syllable an energetic transfusion for your spirit to help lift you higher and expand your being. This transmission is channeled through automatic writing direct from spirit. 

Sagittarius full moon reading:

What fills the moments of your life? what fills the space between moments? what is your approach to this crazy, complex, sometimes messy and always beautiful journey called life?
Because our approach determines the life we lead. it creates the tangled mass of moments that birth our greatest joys and deepest wounds. 
And it’s all a choice. whether the life we lead is one that is filled with great joy or great sadness. whether we are bored or always creating our next grand adventure. whether we are buried in the deepest love or shivering in isolation, it is all a choice. a choice in how we perceive our life. how we choose to face our challenges. and sometimes that choice is rooted in. just whether we are taking care of ourselves, digging into the murky shit beneath the surface or justifying our neglecting our self-inquiry and overall wellbeing. 

And sometimes our approach is rooted in a deep and unattainable need to control. to craft things just so because we mistakenly believe if we are in control we will be safe from harm/hurt/rejection/failure etc. and we seldom see until it’s far too late that control is a nectar we’ve convinced ourselves we need but that really sucks the sweetness out of this life. 
And to be honest, we’ve never really been in control of anything other than what we do, say, think and believe. it’s what’s going on within that determines everything. even if someone wrongs us it is our approach to that wrongdoing, to the pain we feel, to the unfairness we feel swelling within that determines whether this experience is medicine that helps us grow and become better, whole and more compassionate or bitter, alone and resentful. 
But we get to choose. 
everything else just is. 
we are all traveling this crazy journey with our own wounds, desires, history and lessons that occasionally crash into one another in a furiously grand display of energy and possibility. because even in the darkest moments there is possibility to be found if we choose to look for it. but we must make the choice to do so. 
The lesson of this full moon in Sagittarius is to open to the possibility optimism brings us. to see life as a great adventure. one that sometimes goes according to plan. one that sometimes exceeds your expectations. and one that sometimes is a colossal failure that brings us to our knees. but it’s all part of the adventure. it’s all a chapter in the story of us. 
But we get to fill the pages. we get to create this life, or we find we are created by it, for better or worse.



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