May 21, 2019

Renewal & Rejuvenation | Full Moon In Scorpio





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Saturday’s Full Moon in Scorpio is a portal into renewal and rejuvenation. It is an opening not for doing but being. For witnessing and for observing.

Our most profound healing comes not from the bustle of activity but from the quiet contemplation of our wounds. It is an exploration of our experiences beyond the characterization of judgement.

Good or bad. Wanted or not. Positive or negative.

Instead it’s a call for us to step beyond the labels and the attachments therein so we can see them simply as.

Simply as portals for our unfolding. For our unearthing new facets of the self. To learn what we are made of; a glorious tapestry formed by the fabric of all experiences.

Saturday’s transit is a depth diving unearthing of all the many faces we’ve worn in this and other lifetimes.

We are, after-all, more than simply this body. More than our aspirations and certainly more than our fears.

We are all things. Good and evil. Positive and negative. Right and wrong. We are all these things and yet no-thing. And our healing and renewal arrives at the point where all these possibilities exist.

The remembrance that we are all these things and yet none of them. That we are inherently pure and potent and each experience, regardless of our very 3D desire to label them, we will remain pure and potent.

And freedom then, comes in the form of choice.

Do we remain in the old paradigms of our wounds being signs of being broken or maligned?  Do we continue to see our experiences through the lens of what holds us back or what has allowed us to unfurl? To blossom into possibility? Do we see the beauty in every experience and the joy available by simply being?

The choice is ours and the choice is healing. The choice is our exercising our potent pureness to move beyond the labels around our experiences and into a place of acceptance of what has been, simply as.





Part of our souls journey through this experience.

With this transit we simply lean into the places that feel raw, exposed. We accept them simply as and absorb the medicine available. We remind ourselves of what resides within and will remain even after the shroud of this existence fades away. With this transit we seek a healing that is transcendent.

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