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Reiki is a powerful energy healing method that creates a path towards spiritual evolution and intuitive expansion.

The word Reiki translates to "universal life energy."  Reiki can be something you send to yourself for inner growth, healing and spiritual evolution but also on others as a means of healing that is gentle, safe and non-invasive. 

Some ways Reiki heals/applications for working with the energy:

  • lower stress
  • boost intuition
  • help ease depression and anxiety
  • deep healing to the emotional and 
  • heal, clear and align chakra centers
  • reduce pain on a mental/emotional and physical level
  • boosts the universal life source energy thereby increasing our immune systems
  • This simple yet profound healing modality can assist with wounds on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. 

When I first was attuned to Reiki in 2001 there was no accompanying course, only the attunement. I was left to learn about this enchanting form of healing through my own research and books available at the time which were not many. Though I felt at a disadvantage to those who lived in an area where courses were available I soon learned that my practice was greatly enhanced when I was allowed to play with the energy in a way which spoke to my intuition. I went forward through level 2 decided to forgo a formal course and allow myself to create my own alchemic blend of both traditional and intuitive methods for offering Reiki to children, teens, and adults alike. I became a Reiki Master in 2006 and now am blessed with the ability to teach this healing modality to a variety of magic makers of all ages. 

My method for teaching and healing is to help you cultivate a deep and enduring connection to your intuition so that the experience you have and offer to those who you offer this energy to receive more than healing. You will experience visions, intuitive knowings and other messages that will allow you to reach deeper pockets of healing for yourself and others. 

I cannot recommend Laura’s Reiki courses more. She helps you to unfurl your own intuition and allow that to assist you in your exploration of Reiki. I understood the process more than I did with any book I read or other courses, locally, that I took. My intuition soared and I found myself in love with the healing of Reiki energy.
— Kathy Ryder

Below are the offerings available. You can choose to purchase the modules individually or you can take advantage of special savings by purchasing together. 

Level 1:

In this online class you will learn the history and applications of Reiki, receive the Reiki I attunement, practice balancing your chakras and sending Reiki energy toward an intention, and practice Reiki on others (hands on).

This level is one which unveils and brings to the surface many different experiences for each student. There is a great release and expansion to the intuition. I personally experienced vast increases to my intuition after my first Reiki attunement and many students have relayed the potency of their intuitive gifts. Reiki Level I primarily focuses on Reiki as a means of healing the self which is a valuable addition to your spiritual and energetic healing practice.  Each student comes away from this first level with a wide variety of inner truths which have been revealed. A valuable tool in your journey as a healer and as a human on this sacred path of self-knowing. 

This course includes guided meditations, journal prompts which you will fill out digitally, an ebook manual, and other practicum to really dig in deep with Reiki.  This course also includes a live attunement with time for Q & A

Investment: $250 (See ordering Options Below)

Level 2:

Level 2 brings additional depth to Reiki I by exploring additional intuitive scanning techniques, distance symbols for sending Reiki through time and space and assisting in creating overall harmony to the energetic body. In Reiki II , you will learn three traditional symbols and when to use them. We will work closely with these symbols assisting you in taking them beyond a healing session and into empowering intentions and clearing a space as well as meditating with the symbols in a guided Shamanic journey.   

Reiki II assists you with working with others, increasing your intuition and healing through time and space. 

This course includes guided meditations, journal prompts which you will fill out digitally, an ebook manual, and other practicum to really dig in deep with Reiki.  This course also includes a live attunement with time for Q & A

Investment: $275 (See ordering Options Below)

Level 3 {Master Level/Advanced Reiki Training}:

In Level III signifies a time of commitment to being of service to the world.  In Reiki III you will delve into the deep spiritual waters of the practice of Reiki. You will find that you can access your intuition with greater ease and feel divinely guided each time you work with the energy on the self and others. You will grow in confidence and learn to trust your intuition when healing the self and others and develop your own particular and personal healing practice that speaks to you and your intuition.  the spiritual practice of Reiki and to access your intuition with ease and clarity.  You will enhance your practice of self-healing, healing others, and distance healing, and further develop your own intuitive ways of this healing practice.

In this Master level course you will:

  • journey with guided meditations
  • become attuned to use the master level symbols
  • dive deep into the energetic systems
  • learn about and work with violet breath
  • learn and explore the modern master symbol
  • reflect on your experiences in journal entries
  • practice a variety of energy cleansing techniques
  • create a symbol of your own to work with in healing
  • learn work deeply with the traditional master symbols
  • learn to allow your intuitive abilities to guide your healing sessions
  • Develop a ritual/ceremony that marks your commitment to being of service in healing 
  • learn and receive the Reiju blessing/spiritual empowerment from the Japanese lineage
  • become familiar with how our energetic, physical, mental and emotional bodies are all connected and impact our physical health
  • have 2- 20-30 minute Skype sessions with me.  One of these sessions will be during your attunement as in the previous levels and the other session will be after completing the third level where we will discuss if you wish to proceed towards the path of becoming a Teacher of Reiki. 
  • Investment: $600 (See ordering Options Below).  


Course materials will be sent out within 72 hours of your order.

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