June 5, 2018

Tarot: Prediction or Reflection?




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What draws us towards Tarot readings? Do we want to understand our lives on a grander scale? Do we ache for insight that tells us what is ahead?

Or do we instead want both? Do we want to both understand what is transpiring in our lives as well as have the empowerment of knowing what we can expect moving forward?

My work places emphasis on the latter-the idea that the key to sustainable well-being resides in both reflection and prediction. To me, the perception that Tarot is either a therapeutic tool of reflection or a means of predicting future events is exceptionally narrow and completely undermines the vast potential of Tarot.

Yes, Tarot is a wonderful tool for understanding and the symbols and archetypes of each of the cards mirror in the uncanniest of ways, our human journey. It has, as I so often explain, its pulse on the human experience. But it is also a retrieval system. A system of triggering that innate intuitive within us all. And it is innate-each of us is intuitive to some degree or another and working with the cards draws this quality to the surface.

And in so doing we strengthen our intuition.

But additionally, the more that we work with the cards the more we build a relationship with the cards. When I first began reading many, many moons ago when Jesus lost his slippers, I worked for a pad site doing per minute readings. I had to learn very fast how to tap into my intuition but also, I was reading upwards of 100 or more people a day. Pretty soon there was an inescapable pattern emerging between cards and card combinations and certain events within our lives. For example, if I were to draw the Empress alongside the 3 of swords or the 3 of cups this denoted infidelity was somehow a part of the sitter’s present situation.

I began to create a little scientific log (scientific in so far as a non sciency person could produce) that helped me to see how certain patterns related to certain events and as such I could predict with near infallible accuracy that the event the pattern showed was taking place within the sitter’s life.

Thus, Tarot shifted from a one-dimensional tool of understanding to one of prediction, as well.

But the question regarding whether Tarot, or any other reading modality for that matter, is capable of prediction is one that ultimately is posed because the belief is that prediction parallels unchangeable and that simply isn’t the case.

When we predict we predict based upon reading the trends of current choices and the path you are on. So, if your current path shows an unfavorable outcome you have the freewill to shift your path towards a more favorable outcome based on the choices you make or don’t make. We read paths, paths which are forged from the choices that you make. Paths, that once your choice has forged, creates a flow of energy. Change your choice, change your path, change the flow of energy, change the outcome.

It’s that simple.

To predict does not imply that the future is unchangeable or indelible. In fact, 99% of life is predicated entirely on freewill (choice). There are those very few, but often very impactful, aspects of our life that are not. Those events that are fated are typically related to Soul Contract lessons that we agreed upon at the beginning of this incarnation-but these are again, few and far between. Making our choices, and the freewill that governs them, the greatest determiner of our future.

And prediction is merely reading those paths and the energy within them.

The holism of Tarot allows us to tap into both the psychological undertones of this experience as well as the trends of energy guiding you forward. Whether you seek an alternative to traditional talk therapy or you desire to receive answers to your important questions, Tarot readings are an invaluable tool that the most experienced readers know to provide both.

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