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Please help us help Oscar


As some of you may know we decided to go with surgery to hopefully extend our family dog’s life after he was taken to the vet and it was determined he had something lodged in his small intestine.

This cost is by no means minimal. In fact, we are looking at a nearly 10k vet bill on top of the already 2k we spent on various tests and vet visits as we tried to figure out what was going on. 
We are lucky that we have the option of going forward with the surgery but it’s cutting into what we have stashed away for those “oh shit moments” which we also recognize that we are still lucky to have the luxury of. To help my husband offset the cost I am offering a special on both my mini email reading and 30-minute phone/video/in-person reading. 

But before I do I want to share a little about my Oscar. I am not a dog person. In fact, I have always been a cat lady and proud of it. However, Oscar grew on me over the years. He has been a faithful protector of my girls, chasing a coyote out of our yard and down the street away from where my girls were playing outside. He sleeps next to me when my husband has his nights at the Fire station and is always quick to alert me when someone is near our home. He is the friendliest, sweetest dog. He lets everyone pet him on our walks but he prefers if the other dogs keep their distance. As a herding dog, he likes to prove he is alpha and it rubbed many dogs the wrong way, much to Oscar’s delight, the devilish little dude that he is!
He is right there when you come over and even if you are a stranger once he has sussed out that you are not a danger he brings you in his tennis ball and will play fetch with you for hours. 
He knows better than to beg at the table but isn’t above sitting down under our bartop where our girls have their lunches so he can quickly snag all they are sure to drop. 

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Oscar and his two favorite ladies

Speaking of our girls, Oscar has been by their side since they were born. They’ve ridden him like a pony, grabbed one too many tuffs of hair and pulled and I’m pretty sure hugged him so hard he struggled for air. But he has never complained, showed any aggression or sign that he was anything other than just super grateful to be their bud. Even when he was super sick and not eating, finding getting up strenuous over the weekend he still rose to scope out what was going on every time he heard the girls speak or someone came to the door. Even when he felt awful he was still looking out for us.

This and many, many other reasons were why we chose a rather expensive procedure to try to give this lively dog a fighting chance at a few more good years.

As I explained I am running a special to help bring in some money to go towards this bill. My 30-minute reading which is available via Zoom from anywhere in the world and also in person at Womenfolk Beauty Wellness Center in Denver is on special for 50.00-saving you $45
My email reading is a client favorite. You receive an 8-12 page ebook with your reading delivered within 7 days of purchase and covering your topic and/or questions for $75-a savings of $50
If you have been contemplating getting a reading or know someone who could benefit from one please take advantage of this offer. Not only do you get the save some cold hard cash but you also help us help Oscar and for that, we are eternally grateful. 
Please feel free to share socially or personally to anyone you think may be interested.

To purchase your reading at the special discount click the button below.

And even if you cannot get a reading please send Oscar your healing energy, prayers and wishes for a speedy and full recovery. He is resting well after surgery, however, tomorrow will prove a crucial moment. After 4-5 days of refusing to eat they are going to try to feed him. We need him to eat his little heart out. Or at least in so far as he can after his procedure.

Again thank you from the bottom of our very sore but still hopeful hearts.

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