February 27, 2017

Transmission of Community: Pisces New Moon Solar Eclipse




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Sunday’s solar eclipse in Pisces is opening a portal towards a new way of operating within our minds and within our world. There is an awareness that what was can be no longer. That our lives, which have generally been focused on the self and “I” are devoid of a particular richness that we’ve long craved. A void that has begged for filling and so we sought a variety of external means of doing so. We thought the job would make us happy. Or perhaps that more money would give us a sense of fulfillment that less money failed to provide. We thought if we only had his or her love we would be unstoppable. Maybe that pair of shoes or new dress would be the ticket to total contentment? But even when we arrive to those things we realize the luster wears. What we had thought would fill the void only did for a brief moment in time and then we were back to searching for the next thing we simply had to have. 

Notice the failed logic here. Notice the quest of futility that has us searching for something intangible within the tangible. Sunday’s solar eclipse is a wrap up-a closing to this way of living. We begin to realize all of the wounds within are not going to be solved by something or someone external to us. That we must be the masters of our healing. We must be the seeker who looks within. In the process of this deep healing a magical transformation occurs. We no longer have this pit within. 

Rather we welcome the deep inner peace that comes from fully and completely accepting ourselves. And in accepting who we are we are then free to accept others for who they are. We begin to see the beauty that comes when we acknowledge our uniqueness even whilst honoring we are all one and the same. This transit ushers in a shift from “I” and “Me” to “We” and “Us”. We understand that what happens to one, happens to all. We are not free if our brother is not. We no longer have the luxury of turning off the news, not hearing our sisters suffering or otherwise turn away from what is uncomfortable and painful (even triggering) for us to hear. If the child in war torn Syria cannot turn away from the horrors outside her own front door why should we?

We are entering a new phase in our evolution where we must unify if we wish to see true contentment and possibility take root. We are welcoming a shift that allows us to see our differences not as challenges to overcome but as benefits that add richness to the process. 

We each are being ripped open and profound change is settling into each crack and crevice. We are each closing a door to what no longer works and while each of us may stare back at a different door there is a common purpose among us all: to unify. To become one and acknowledge that duality and separation are mechanisms of the past with no place in the new paradigm. We are meant to share in one another’s challenges and rejoice with each accomplishment. To stand together not because we will always understand one another but because we know we must try. 

This solar eclipse is a beautiful opening that will radicalize our entire world starting from within. A feeling which can be quite scary at first, as facing ourselves in the mirror is never easy. But there is a growing excitement even though we know there may be many challenges ahead. A great purpose which pulls us forward ready to face what stands in our way, no longer afraid. No longer willing to stay in denial. We may not have all of the pieces put together but we would rather stand united as one than isolate ourselves in dispossession. 

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