December 6, 2018

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The new moon taking place in Sagittarius is the invitation you’ve been waiting for to expand into joy, possibility and new beginnings. It’s a powerful time for setting not just an intention but creating a foundation upon which you will build the next great thing in your life. It’s time to do that thing. That thing you’ve been thinking about. That thing you have been holding onto. That thing you’ve been toying with. Now is the time to see it through. And nothing is more favorable then this energy for taking that idea and turning it into reality.

What’s so special about new moons, anyways?

New moons are a time of opening and possibility. They bring a fresh injection of energy that allows us to get rid of what is no longer working so that we can create a new beginning in our life. Think of a new moon like a blank slate. Now we have the space to create our next masterpiece.

New moon in Sagittarius

Not only do we have a new moon which is all about new energy and fresh starts but its taking place in the house of fresh starts and new beginnings. Sagittarius is all about exploring new horizons and calling out for adventure. There is little that can stop a Sagittarius as they have an infectious energy that begs for expression. They are the sign for embracing change because they hate staying static. They need to find outlets for their amazing energy.

So what does this mean for you and your life?

It means, my darlings, that it’s time to get up off your ass and get moving. There is something you have been thinking about. Likely something you have even been slowing building and creating behind the scenes. You might have set it aside for a period of time. Maybe you got burned out. Maybe you lost faith that it would come together. Maybe you just felt like maybe this wasn’t the thing for you.

Now you feel inspired again. You are picking it back up and you are suddenly inspired to once again see this thing through.

You were right to set it aside for a period of time. The time was an offering for you to really create the space needed to welcome this new idea, project, venture etc. into your life. It was a time during which you cleared out the cobwebs and cut out those structures (relationships, jobs, mental and physical habits) that were draining you of vital energy so that you could fill the space with those things that lit you up and fed your spirit.

Those of you who’ve resisted this work-who resisted creating space and found numerous justifications for staying in place will find this new moon a bit frustrating. You will feel called to action and yet simultaneously feel unable to move on what you want. Instead you will run the risk of stepping into “bitter” territory wondering what “they” did to get all these goodies flowing into their lives.

But before your bitterness takes hold let’s dip into some perspective. While you were resisting change and holding tight to even those things that caused you great personal suffering and cost you vital energy “they” were opening to change. They were embracing change. They were facing themselves in the mirror and doing the necessary work to better themselves.

The same thing, I might add, that you were capable of doing.

It’s all good, though. Because this new moon still gives you the opportunity to create that space. To get clear on what is no longer serving. To embrace change and the challenge and friction that sometimes comes with it because you know it’s far better than staying in something or with someone or somewhere that drains you of what you and the world needs to create and share your vision.

So now is that opening. Now is that time. Whether you did the work or resisted it we each have work to do. We can lament what someone else has or we can start making the room for what we desire to have. Either way the clock is ticking. As we wind down through the final hours of 2018 we can a choice. We can continue doing as we’ve always done and get that which we’ve always gotten. Or we can try something different.

The world, is ours to create.


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