February 5, 2019

New Moon In Aquarius | Deep Personal Integration




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There is a humming of energy that is helping each of us to feel supported, encouraged and empowered. The New Moon taking place on 2/4 is a portal of opportunity not just to create something new, which it is but more on that later, but also a time for integration on a very healing, very deep level.

New Moon, who dis?

First let’s get into the yumminess of the New Moon portal. I was telling those i held circle with yesterday at Womenfolk Beauty that the New Moon reminds me of a dry erase board. I’m not sure if you have one of those in your home but we do and its where we put our grocery lists, inspirational quotes, messages to one another etc.

And it’s great because its not permanent. I just swipe away a message once its received or the items have been bought from the store. Once the quote and its inspiration has landed with us, off it goes.

The New Moon holds a similar impermanence. It reminds us that not everything is meant to last forever. That we grow and outgrow and evolve and need to invite in fresh energy. But before we can do that, we have to pluck out that which is no longer working. Which means we need to get clear on what is not working. And this can be hard for a lot of people.

We are taught often to focus on what we want, and not what we don’t that the idea of consciously honing in on what is not working can seem almost wrong.

But it’s not wrong.

It’s very, very essential because the only way that we can capitalize on the New Moon’s portal and invitation to begin again is if we are ready and able to let go and create space.

New Moon in Aquarius

In Aquarius this New Moon is ripe for plucking out what no longer serves. Aquarian energy is detached and more mind centered than heart centered. They can put emotion to the side to view something with impartiality which is essential when we are letting go and creating space.

We humans are by nature incredibly emotionally attached-even to what is not serving us. This is why we stay in relationships, jobs, patterns of behavior that are long past their expiration and may even be quite unhealthy for us.

The energy of a New Moon in Aquarius is a perfect opportunity for seeing clearly and discerning carefully what must be removed in order to create space for whatever it is that we wish to draw in.


My guides also brought the vision of me as I was as a kid. Full of energy, chatty as all get out. Incredibly spontaneous and bright eyed and full of optimism. Their message, overwhelmingly was the need for us to reach into the younger part of yourself. The part of yourself that was totally and uniquely US. Before we were made to feel that we were broken or deficient or lacking in some way. Before we were told that our chattiness was disruptive or felt that some part of ourselves, some quality, actually threatened our acceptance and sense of security with parents, siblings, peers, teachers etc.

These parts that we disowned and felt we had to hide. That we could not display.

Listen, we all wear masks. We all present the very best of ourselves, those parts that we feel are the most acceptable and get us the most favorable response.

But we are more than just a carefully curated persona. There are parts of yourself that are dying to be brought back into the fold.

Aquarians are incredibly brave and bold and unique. They do not follow trends. They make the trends. They are uniquely themselves and love dancing to the beat of their own drum. So now is the time for each of us to embrace this essence. To ask ourselves how we’ve lost sight of that uniqueness. How we’ve curved the edges of ourselves in order to be accepted or fit in.

Now is the time to be more willing to fly our freak flag.

To not give a shit what “they” think. To not worry if we get a little side eye. To instead focus on integration and acceptance, self acceptance, of our whole self.

Because we are beautiful even with our quirks. Even with our not so acceptable, yet totally acceptable selves.

We do not need to mold or curate ourselves after anything or anyone else and their path. And the only way to truly tap into our power and our capacity for limitless magic and possibility is through a deep, unrelenting, untampered authenticity.

And so it is.

If you are ready to peel back the layers of conditioning and step into your most authentic self and find sustainable wellbeing within your life schedule your bespoke Intuitive Medicine session today.

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