June 5, 2019

New Moon in Gemini | What if?




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Tuesday welcomes a New Moon taking place in Gemini. A place where fresh starts are invigorated with a panoramic vision and crystalline clarity.

This transit begs you to sit in stillness for a moment to consider what you would like to breathe new life into. Sure, perhaps this is a momentous energy galvanizing you to creating something entirely new. But maybe it’s simply asking you to look at what could use a fresh injection of energy.

Your health? Your career? Your home?

Its time to consider what has grown stale and unformed in life and ask if its worth resuscitating and if so what would new life in this area look like? What changes need to be made to make the way for this to happen?

It’s not enough to simply want or request a fresh start. Equally, we cannot stay in only in contemplation. Its the action we take that signal to the Universe, God, Goddess (whatever term floats your boat) that we are ready. That not only do we want a fresh start but we are ready to take action even if all the pieces are not yet in place.

Because Gemini gives us that grand vision that allows us to see far down the line. To dream bigger than we’ve ever dreamt. This helps us to create masterpieces from thin air. While Gemini is not merely content to act on vision alone and has an unrelenting drive to gain all knowledge necessary at the time, they dont need that information before acting. They are quick to move and quick to act because they understand the nebulous nature of inspiration. It’s always around but grasping it can feel a bit like trying to pin down a cloud.

It’s time to dream to big. To see with eyes wide open. To remove the limitations of what we think is possible and move into a place of wonderment and curiosity and “what if”.

You do not need to wait for a sign. You do not lack any information that is truly essential to picking up your feet and moving in the direction of what you desire. You have no better time arriving than the very moment you are in as you take in the energy of these words. We are in a two week portal where really, the sky is the limit.

It’s time to act. It’s time to move in the direction of all you desire and it’s time to trust the inspiration flowing from you. It’s here to move mountains. Its here to lift you up. It’s here to help you be in your fullest expression, sharing your gifts with the world. But it needs you as a vessel. So welcome this energy. Invite it in. And let it galvanize you forward.

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