June 3, 2018

Mineral Medicine | Vera Cruz Amethyst




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Today’s Mineral Medicine is Vera Cruz amethyst. Known for its high vibe resonance and ability to connect us to our guides, this stone is a wonderful addition to the collection.

Where to find Vera Cruz amethyst

Vera Cruz amethyst is mined in the Los Vigas Mine in Vera Cruz Mexico and is a light, lavender hue of purple. The specimens found are often naturally double terminated and often found in wand formation. Due to its limited availability Vera Cruz amethyst is a rare stone and one which must be mined responsibly. I purchased my piece from Ritual Cravt in Denver (they have an online store if you are not local) but Sage Goddess has a selection of really beautiful offerings as well. Because of the rarity of this stone it does tend to be more pricey than the regular varieties of amethyst.

What Vera Cruz amethyst offers

This particular variation of amethyst has a much higher resonance than most commonly known amethyst. This stone offers a very soothing energy that helps you to slip immediately into a deep meditative state. Because of this it is also wonderful for connecting to your guides and other elestial beings.

Vera Cruz amethyst is known for stimulating the pineal gland, the seat of your soul and helps you with activating your intuition but also your higher purpose. Each of us comes into this world with a purpose and higher calling-the reason for our being and working with this stone helps us to tap into this soul purpose with greater ease allowing us to unfold our potential in this lifetime.

Working with Vera Cruz amethyst

Working with this high vibe stone brings immense benefit. Here are a few ways of incorporating this magic in your life.


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Place Vera Cruz amethyst in your home to:

While all varieties of amethyst are known for kicking off a pretty peaceful vibe, Vera Cruz amethyst in particular is known for its uber high vibration and ultimate peaceful resonance. Placing this stone around your home helps bring an element of peace and soothing to all who enter. Great for soothing the energies inherent in the human experience and often brought into the home between family members. Great for those who have roommates (or emo 16-year olds like in my home).

Meditate with Vera Cruz to:

Talk about taking a high-flying journey! When meditating with Vera Cruz amethyst its super easy to slip into one of the deeper meditative states that you’ve ever known. This is a great stone for those who struggle to calm their mind during meditation or on those days when the monkey brain is dialed on high. I have worked with this stone for connecting to my guides and ascended masters during channeled readings and know first-hand how effective this stone is for accessing those higher realms.

Keep Vera Cruz on your person to:

Keep calm and high vibe all day long! This stone when wrapped in jewelry or even just stuck in your bra or pocket will help you keep your cool no matter what you face in your day. I highly recommend keeping this stone on you when you know you are going to face difficult people or tense situations.

Bring the juiciness of Vera Cruz to your career to:

Have a difficult boss who is hard to please? What about a co-worker who grates on your last nerve? Vera Cruz helps you to keep calm in moments of high stress. Perfect as well for when you have a big presentation to deliver to those higher ups. Additionally, this stone helps you to tap into your higher, soul purpose. Activating the seat of your soul, Vera Cruz amethyst helps to unfold your unique purpose helping you to get on a career path that is resonant and rich with meaning.

Bring Vera Cruz’s medicine to your relationship to:

All relationships have their ups and downs and this stone is a wonderful way to bring soothing calm in those less than rosy moments. But let’s be honest, a little peace and high vibe energy helps all relationships reach their highest potential so regardless of the cycle of your relationship Vera Cruz amethyst will help your partnership radiate unconditional love and stability.

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