September 24, 2018

Mineral Medicine | Fluorite





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Fluorite is a stone with as many properties as it has colors making it a must for those looking to find an easy, affordable and multi-purpose stone to work with.

I first came across Fluorite back in 2002 when I first began working as a professional psychic. I was looking for help with expanding my natural gifts while I added Tarot to my sessions. As my work with this stone increased I soon built a relationship that helped me to find my purpose, clear my head of doubt and confusion as well as help me tap into my personal voice.


Fluorite is a widely available but is most commonly mined in ArgentinaAustria,CanadaChinaEnglandFranceGermanyMexicoMorocco,Myanmar (Burma), NamibiaRussiaSpainSwitzerland and the United States (thanks Gem Select for this tid bit).

Fluorite is easy to find making it affordable for those who are just starting their journey into stone medicine. This and the fact that it is host to a wide array of properties that can assist us on our journey makes Fluorite a stone to have.

Like Rutilated Quartz, Fluorite is a stone best worn. You can often find this stone wrapped in wire to keep aligned with the upper chakras which is resonates highest with.

What Fluorite Offers

Fluorites properties typically align with the color of the stone. You can find this stone in beautiful hues of blue, green, yellow and deep, dark purple. Green helps with clearing emotional energy and bringing a sense of balance to your emotional ecosystem. Purple Fluorite helps expand your intuitive gifts and helps you to tap into the higher, crown chakra realms. This is the color for those who are looking to tap into their soul purpose when considering big life changes. Yellow Fluorite is a key stone for manifesting. Sit with a piece of yellow Fluorite and envision having what you are trying to manifest, charging the stone with your purpose and then keep it close by in your pocket or areas aligned with what your manifesting (for example your purse or wallet if you are looking to manifest some dollar bills). Blue Fluorite is good for those who have a big speech or meeting coming up or who simply are looking into tapping into their authentic voice.

Rainbow fluorite is a gorgeous variation of Fluorite that encompasses the properties of all the colors of the stone, making it a sort of catch all stone.

Working With Fluorite

What’s your issue? I’ve got a stone for that. And its named Fluorite. There are so many situations this stone can assist with that the list would be endless but here are some tips for practically adding Fluorites medicine to your life.

place Fluorite in your home to:

Fluorite really helps us to dispel negativity and create and speak from a place of peace. This is a wonderful stone for ridding the home of energy that seems stagnant and helps in those moments of tension when we need a clear head and hearts wide open.

meditate with Fluorite to:

Expand your psychic gifts and connect with your soul purpose. This is such a soothing stone and one that will assist you in tapping into your higher consciousness. It opens the door ways for effortless communication between yourself and your highest self in those moments when you need direction and guidance.

keep Fluorite on your person to:

Stow away a piece of yellow Fluorite in your pocket when you are throwing down some serious manifesting mojo. A piece of blue Fluorite on your person before a big meeting or negotiation will help you to speak clearly, with intent and influence.

bring the juiciness of Fluorite to your career to:

Offices can be a place of some pretty thick energy. Lots goes down during the course of any given day and with that many people in one place it becomes a repository of energy. Fluorite can help with clearing the energy of your space and create the space needed for level and focused work. Blue Fluorite is also great for the work place, so you are activating that throat chakra and speaking clearly and with authenticity.

bring Fluorite medicine to your relationship to:

Green Fluorite can help you ease tension in a relationship and help you both to get back in the heart. Relationships are complex and always changing organisms that present many conflicts which can divert our attention off what matters. Green Fluorite will help you tap into the emotional connection and why you each are even bothering with all of this hard work.

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