July 26, 2018

Mercury Retrograde | Cosmic Do Over




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Mercury is retrograde!!! Yay!!!!

I adore Mercury retrograde because this shit is a cosmic do-over. An opportunity for tapping into what needs a bit of a facelift. A chance to redo something, reconsider and rethink.It’s a window through which a decision, choice or path can be evaluated against alternatives. It’s a time when we can choose differently.

For many of us the difficulty is found in choosing. We fear making the wrong choice. We worry that whatever choice we make, the other will be better for us. Or we fear where the choice we make will take us.

We come up with a million different, insidious and sneaky ways to undermine and doubt the choice we make, and we do this with such strength that we become paralyzed. Unable to think, to see clearly and ultimately unable to decide.

Even when we decide we do not do so with any level of aplomb but instead with this nail biting reticence and the almost instant statements that diminishes the choice we made. “I’m going to do______ but who knows, really.” “I have decided to do __________ but we will wait and see. It’s likely to blow up in my face, after all.”

We live in this place of tension because we struggle with the “either or’s “of life. We are so attached to outcome that we see everything as black or white. We either do or we don’t. It will work, or it won’t. We lose ourselves entirely to the process of choosing that we forget the big picture.

We forget that everything is undoable.

Everything can be undone. We see this sense of impermanence everywhere in life. Everywhere but when we are faced with a difficult decision. Then suddenly once done it cannot be undone.  Whatever “it” may be.

Mercury retrograde reminds us, however, that all things can be undone. Even and sometimes especially those things we wish would not be undone. Mercury retrograde is the great unraveling that we sometimes need whether we realize it or not. It’s the chance to decide differently. To take a chance. To have a little bit more information to help us see what path is best for us now based on the paths we’ve already traveled.

It’s a time of second chances and who doesn’t want one or three of those?

We are all complex beings. We make mistakes. We fuck up. We fall off the wagon. We also are capable of great love, compassion, creativity and achievement. We are neither all good or all bad and our lives are a tapestry of all our decisions.

When Mercury retrogrades, we have an opportunity to take stock. To look around and ask ourselves if what we see reflected back to us is what we want. If it’s not we get to rethink the decisions that got us here. Because for better or worse our lives are purely a reflection of the choices we’ve made (or not made) and therefore we hold the power to choose differently.

We always hold the power to choose differently.

It’s just that sometimes we lose sight of this. We forget we are the creators of our own lives. We get bogged down by the erroneous permanence we perceive in our lives that we forget that new choices become portals to the life we dream of but feel we cannot have now. We do not have an eraser-in that sense there will be a mark left by all our decisions. But we do hold the power to choose differently.

To take another path.
To be kinder to ourselves and others.
To eat better.
To show love freely without fear.
To choose love over fear.
To try. Even and especially when it’s hard.

Wishing you a happy and blessed cosmic do over!



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