August 12, 2017

Mercury Retrograde: The Pleasure And The Pain





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Mercury is retrograde so cue all the fearful rhetoric and “my life is falling apart” hyperbole.

But, in all serious, no. Just don’t.

Because the truth of the matter is that Mercury retrograde is quite amazing. It’s not a challenge but a gift. An opportunity for us to take it easy, to slow down and to reassess what is going down in our life. All that talk about miscommunication, things breaking down, appointments missed-well these challenges are merely the Universal checks and balances forcing us to slow down.

Because when we rush we miss the message.

Let’s be honest, we typically are running through our day moving from one task to another from the moment the sun comes up with hardly any space between to simply be. To listen. To pay attention. We miss the signs and pings to our intuition. We gloss over valuable information; our personal message contained in each moment and instead go through our day on absolute autopilot.

Mercury retrogrades forces us to hit pause.

To receive and rethink the choices we have made while on autopilot. To check that our words match our intention and that we are building the right foundation beneath us for our intentions to have a home. And speaking of words, Mercury retrograding in the sign of Virgo is going to place a premium upon the words we chose.

After all, nothing is more intimate than our words.

Words can create beauty and viciousness. Words hold the power for both birth and destruction. The words we choose and how we use them holds immense power. A power that from August 12th to September 5th we will foster a deeper awareness of. We are primed for experiencing both halves to the whole. We begin this transit feeling mistrust, skepticism and even slight hostility and move forward towards healing and beauty-a magnetism created by these qualities which draws toward us all resources, known and unknown.

We become the masterful orator.

Capable of weaving word and thought together like a spider spins its magnificent web. Each sentence artfully drawn. Each thought another hue to add dimension.There is an exquisite art to navigating this energy with a keen awareness of the words we speak and the thoughts we entertain-each are tiny daggers that with aim hold the power to radically change our life over the next three and a half weeks.

While its common to expect the challenges of Mercury retrograde it’s a breath of fresh air to instead see the gifts. The gifts that force us to slow down so we may receive the message. A force that even among the tension feels divinely sensual.  Mercury retrograde demands that we hit pause and reflect carefully on our thoughts and the words which leave our lips so that each tiny dagger hits its mark with pristine accuracy. Mercury retrograde takes place between two eclipses’ and the Lions Gate portal. The energy here is not an energy to trifle with. Step to the plate and with head held high speak your truth and change your life.

The best way to work with Mercury retrograde is to understand how this transit will unfold for you, personally. I offer a detailed and personal blueprint that outlines where there will be tension, why and what gifts are being offered to you this Mercury retrograde. Its a beautifully empowering reading that will help you uncover where you can affect the greatest change in your life. 

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