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Medicine Sessions:
Feel good
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To live our most vibrant life we must feel free of emotional trauma, inherited family beliefs and other conditioning that has kept us small.


I believe firmly that we are all here to live the most vibrant, most delicious life possible. In order to accomplish this, however, we have to be free of emotional trauma, limiting beliefs and anything else that dims our vibrancy and capacity for expanding into our fullest expression of self. I offer two modalities that assist you in shedding the layers of the old you as well as gaining clarity on what the new you, the new life you wish to build will look like.


Local to Colorado?

Both Intuitive Medicine and Energy Medicine sessions are available via Zoom video and/or phone as well as in person every Saturday at my healing space located in Womenfolk Beauty in gorgeous Denver, Colorado. To schedule in person please choose accordingly in the dropdown menu at purchase.



Vibrational Dialogue…

That opens the channels, clears the energy field and helps to remove old paradigms or ways of being to return you to your natural state of wellbeing and deep healing. Ideal for reversing inherited family trauma, moving from self-doubt to self empowerment and love as well as helping with anxiety, depression, emotional trauma and more.


/// Energy medicine

Curative Flow…

Energy Medicine’s focus is on the curative power of the proper energy flow through the body.I employ a blend of energetic healing modalities tailored to you and your exquisite needs. These sessions cleanse, clear, shift and align the energy field ensuring the proper flow that allows your body to heal itself naturally.


What can you expect with Medicine Sessions?



/// Confidentiality


Both IM and EM sessions are safe places and sacred containers for your healing and evolution. This means that I uphold the strictest boundaries around confidentiality. Everything shared, barred intent to harm the self or others, is kept 100% confidential.


/// TRansmissions


Both IM and EM utilize my natural gifts as a psychic medium which allows me to channel energy and messages direct from your guides that aims to shift energy, remove blocks and align your body. Just by simply opening our space, this brings easeful and effortless healing.


/// Individualization


I do not believe in having “methods” or a “program” of set steps to follow. Each individual is unique and their needs even more so. Because of this each session is tailored specifically to you. No two sessions are alike and we meet where you are at and grow from there.



 Not sure which service will best fit you and your needs? Let’s schedule a 20 minute complimentary call