March 5, 2018

March Tarotscopes: A Month of Momentum





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The Month of March presents an influx of energy that draws a heavy amount of attention to how we personally show up in our lives. This is highlighted both actively and inactively with special attention placed on our healing and the journey we have been on since Chiron entered Pisces in 2011.

We start first with a full moon in Virgo.

This transit carries with it some Lion (Leo) energy with it as well so expect to see passion playing a role in the way in which we evaluate what is transpiring for us. Virgo is a perfectionist energy so this transit is going to highlight the details. Those tiny particles that comprise the totality of our life. We especially will see this energy playing out in our relationships. Are we happy in our relationships? Do we trust the person that we are with. Are we prepared to do the work that needs doing or is it time to throw in the towel?

Devil In The Details

If this transit happens to gloss over your relationship then this Virgo energy is going to offer up an opportunity for grounding us in the day to day of our lives. Because of the heavy influence of Aries energy this month we are encouraged with this transit to get dialed into the details of what we need to do in order to make things happen in our lives. This will play out differently for each sign but the message is the same-if nothing changes, nothing changes. We must be willing to get up and get moving. To take action towards what we want.

And of course this brings us to the very real need for clarity of vision, knowing what we want and then assessing the steps, large and small, that are required for us to get from point A (where we are) and point B (where we wish to be).

Adding to this energy is Mercury turning retrograde on March 22nd. Though it is separate from the full moon and occurs later in the month there is a correlation because of the active level of the energy of month asking us to get dialed into where our focus is needed, the steps we need to take in these areas and, with the Mercury Retrograde, what we can reassess, fine tune or do over in these areas.

Lastly this full moon has interplay with Saturn’s energy reminding us both of any limitations placed upon us with the events transpiring March 1st and the two week window thereafter, as well as the stability Saturn tries to impart. Be sure that any promises made around this time are promises you are prepared to keep, both to yourself and anyone else.

Mars enters Capricorn on March 17th

This sets us on a journey of great movement and momentum. This is the time for us to take all of those details, all those steps we sussed out at the beginning of the month and put them to work. This means getting up and getting dirty. It means putting ourselves out there and stepping outside, far outside, our comfort zone. It also means ample energy and daring capacity to leap out on the ledge. This is a very powerful time when we can see a surge in momentum as we make our way towards our goals.

As mentioned Chiron has been traveling through Pisces since 2011. This has been a fantastic healing journey that has opened us up to the deep wounds, vulnerabilities and capacity for love within. This has served as our moment to step into the role of teacher and creator as we found our wounds had so much to share with us and thus we had so much to share with the world. This transit is coming to a peak on the 4th, 5th and again on the 18th and 19th of March. This is a transit that will not occur again until 2060 so it’s sort of a big deal to pay attention to our journey, what we’ve learned and how we can apply this to our sharing with the world.

Lets get deeper with March’s Tarotscopes

This month I used the beautifully designed The Fountain Tarot deck.


The Fountain card reminds you, Aries, of the connection between the micro and the macro. This is an energy of interconnectedness. How what transpires within us also transpires beyond us. How our inner process impacts the outer process. This month you are encouraged toy with the concept of interconnectedness while also embracing its limitlessness. There is a great responsibility that comes with knowing we are part of the whole but also a great awareness that there is nothing beyond our reach when we expand our vision to this level.


The 3 of Wands is a card of building. It’s a card of vision. Its a card of knowing what is wanted and planning out the steps towards making that happen. There is a quality of being a visionary where this energy is concerned. We have the foresight to see what we want in our lives and though it may still be off in the distance we are intent on taking our skills, our tools and all resources at our disposal to laying the pathway so we can easefully get what we are after.


The 6 of Coins has a distinct energy of both charity and celebration. Though these two energies may not seem to go hand in hand in the case of the 6 of Coins we find that there is something to celebrate whether we are the one giving the charity or the ones receiving the charity. If we are on the receiving end we can celebrate the sweet relief that comes when someone helps us in a moment of tension. The freedom from that tension and anxiety can feel like we are suddenly 50 lbs lighter. When we are on the giving end we celebrate the ability to give to those who need our support. Though we all have something to give regardless of whether that comes in the form of currency or not, the ability to give support reminds us of all the ways in which we are blessed. Which then brings us down to the most distilled idea of the 6 of Coins, this month, Gemini, you experience first hand just how blessed you really are.


The 9 of Cups is a favorite card of mine as its energy is positive, celebratory and just all around good times. Specifically the 9 of Cups is known as one of the two wish cards (the Star card is the other) of the Tarot. When I see this card it’s clear that something you have wished for, worked for and put your effort into is coming to fruition. This gives you the opportunity for celebrating your hard work and the achievement of what you’ve long sought. Additionally its a time for others to celebrate you and come out in support and for you to show your appreciation for all of those who see the good in you and your success.


This is a month of partnership, Leo. The 2 of Cups is all about the symbiotic relationship between two separates. It may be the bridging of two, seemingly, disparate ideas, or it could literally mean the joining of two people. Yes, this could bode very well for your relationships and may portend the arrival of a new lover or evolution to the next stage in an already existing relationship. It may also be a time when you find business partnership highlighted. The idea with the 2 of Cups, regardless of the nature of the union, is that through our partnerships we find our experience is made richer and more expansive.


Stability is the theme for March and you are interested in creating more of it. The 10 of Coins highlights the work we do to impart strength to the foundation of our lives. It’s the building blocks that comprise the whole. To get more specific this energy is going to help you with doing the work, making the changes and otherwise creating habits that build the integrity of your foundation for generations to come. The energy of the 10 of Coins is expansive. Its long term. It’s not about just getting by in the moment but building something that can support generation after generation.


The King of Swords is not an individual to trifle with. He sees through the bullshit and passes swift and thorough judgment. He is disinterested in emotional marketing and ploys to circumvent logic. He doesn’t want to hear your excuses about why something happened, rather he wants to know what you are going to do about it. This month you are either playing ball with someone who embodies these traits or you will find these traits your most useful allies. This is a month when a healthy level of detachment from emotions will best serve you in your interactions with others.


The anxiety that keeps you up in the dark of night, biting your nails and worrying about what is going to happen is the very domain of the 9 of Swords. It’s the deep psychological fear that keeps us in place, unable to move for fear that the monsters are real. What we find, however, is that often it’s our perception of our situation and not the reality of it which keeps us in place when the 9 of Swords presents itself. A sign that we are working things up to such extremes within our minds and not necessarily seeing clearly. The medicine here is to begin to take small but certain steps to bring a sense of relief to your situation. You may not control all outcomes but you do control how you handle your time between. Surprisingly when we fear not having enough money to pay our bills something as simple as canceling unnecessary subscriptions or creating a simple working budget can bring a great deal of relief. These small steps help us get close enough to see that the monsters are far smaller, and far less fearsome than we perceived.


Something this month is not what it appears to be. The Moon is a card of illusion and deception. The projection of fears and anxieties that makes causes uncertainty and thus renders us unable to move forward in a situation within our lives. We may be engaging in this form of self deception or we could find that there is something or someone in our lives that isn’t what it appears on the surface. Situations that seem promising this month may fall apart. Something we fear heading into March may prove completely unimportant by months end. Someone who talks a good game and presents an impressive facade may be more self-serving than thought. The medicine is to be mindful of illusions at play and to proceed carefully and with keen attention to all details. If it seems amiss, chances are you need to get more information before casting a final choice.


The 3 of Swords is a card of heartbreak and betrayal. Feeling as though you have been stabbed in the heart and in so doing all trust is broken. I see this card often in triangular relationships when infidelity is an issue. It can also point to signs of tension and betrayal in other partnerships such as with business. The idea behind this card is that regardless of the nature of the betrayal there is something powerful taking place under the surface. Some of life’s best and most important lessons come packaged as painful experiences.


The Page of Cups encourages you to take a fresh approach to an old issue, Aquarius. The Page of Cups is a youthful, carefree and romantic energy. An intuitive and creative energy that offers clues to new avenues available. The saying is if nothing changes, nothing changes and this month the Page if offering you a fresh perspective that can clear the path ahead. Listen to your intuition this month and allow some room for exploring your intuitive “pings”. You will find your broadcast is so strong this month that you are receiving insight and illumination in a variety of ways. Follow their path.


I love the Strength card. Though when we really focus on it we see that often times when we need strength the most its when life is difficult there still is something so empowering about knowing we have the strength needed to see our way through. Strength is one of those nebulous concepts-sometimes it comes packaged as brute force and other times as observation and silence. Each are equally powerful in terms of their potential for transformation its simply knowing which is needed and when. The most important aspect of this card, Pisces, is to know that strength is always with you. It’s not something that packs its bags and heads off without you but is always within waiting for you to call on it. And even when you think you’ve tapped out your reserves rest assured there is plenty more within waiting to serve you.

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