March 21, 2017

March Intuitive Medicine





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March beckons us with the promise of illumination and profound spiritual growth but not without our willingness. Our willingness to face the feels. To face the emotional tide that, at times, may threaten to engulf us. It’s when we encounter our challenges, when we face them with fortitude and bravery, that we have a crystal-clear perception of what we are made of and what we are capable of. March wastes no time and gets us started with a Jupiter-Uranus opposition which takes place on the 3rd. This is a transit which encourages us to expect the unexpected. To take the blessing within the curse. It’s a reminder that sometimes what appears to be our worst nightmare is exactly what we need to get us to where we have been trying to go. We will need to get on board with trusting the process even if is uncomfortable. Using our voice, even when we are afraid of rocking the boat, is a necessary balance to the energy and its impact upon us during this transit.

On the 12th we welcome a Full Moon in Virgo, the first in this sign since the New Moon eclipse back in September of 2016. Since then we have gone through an eclipse season which has swept away what no longer serves; clearing the path ahead and encouraging us forward. The question with this transit is what now? Have we released everything the Virgo/Pisces eclipse season asked of us? Or are we still holding onto limiting patterns, behaviors and thoughts? Are we continuing to bog our system down with unhealthy habits which sully our vitality? This transit encourages we fully release and shed what limits us physically, emotionally and spiritually so we are free to explore our potential. 

March 26th brings us a New Moon in Aries – a fiery opportunity for manifestation and growth of even the most colossal desires which we have dismissed as impossible and improbable. Now we feel the heat of this transit pushing us forward. Begging for us to stop drumming up excuses but to really give into the process of “what if”. New Moons are these beautiful blank slates upon which we can craft a work of art that transcends all we imagined for ourselves. It’s a time for planting seeds and actively participating in their growth. 

Let’s go deeper and explore the energetic transmission for each sign. Be sure to read both your Sun and Moon sign and if born within 7-10 days of transit into a new sign, your cusp sign as well, to gain even richer insight into the month ahead.

Let’s get begin, shall we?





The energy of this month encourages mastery. Not mastery over others but over the self. To step up to the plate and take charge of our lives in such a way that we see massive shifts with even the smallest amount of effort. You have travelled a long and varied road. You now float, effortlessly, through what once caused you to stumble. This month presents the opportunity to face something that you have faced before and respond to it in an entirely new way. To have a more enlightened and enriched experience because you have moved from reaction. Because you have evolved and know that our evolution is only part of the story. It’s how we allow this evolution to dance through us which takes it from knowing to experiential. 


Desire is the fourth influence upon the choices that we make. Whether it’s called lust, craving or desire, ultimately all this means is that we want something. But like all things we must establish what we want and then how badly we want it. Does what we want come at a cost and is that cost something we are willing to accept? Let’s say you want to move. You know exactly where; it’s a place you’ve visited and fell in love with repeatedly. But as much as you desire that, you know that to do so means quitting a job you also love in the location you currently reside. You may have kids you have to pull out of school or friends whom you will have to say goodbye to. Desire now is in action as we assess what we want and how much we are willing to change or sacrifice to get it. It’s not that desire is inherently good or bad. It’s not wrong any more than it’s right. Desire is simply a feeling and we must set the intention behind it to determine whether its impact upon our life increases our stability or undermines it. 


This month brings hope front and center as you reach a successful outcome. There is a sense of joy and happiness which is pervasive; pushing its way into every corner and fiber of your being. It’s a sense of absolute contentment and joy that allows for you to face the future with hope that your success will continue. That you needn’t wait for the other shoe to drop because you know that if you worked to get here you can work to get there, wherever there may be. This month gives you a moment to celebrate all that you have worked for. To remember that our work requires that we take time out to celebrate ourselves. To put a smile upon our lips, joy in our hearts and pat ourselves on the back for the effort we have put forth. There will be no greater fuel for all the great acts to come than gratitude. 


Choice is a powerful force. It can be used for good and for ill. It can be used to create powerful change that lasts a lifetime and it can be ignored and turned away from in fear and worry. It’s a power that we can keep all to ourselves or share with others. Sometimes it’s a force we deny outright, handing it over entirely to another. There is no right or wrong way to handle choice –there only is how you feel with the choice that you make. If you take action that leaves you feeling inspired and content, then it likely is a positive choice for you to make. If, however, you feel depleted, detached from your power or helpless then chances are you made a choice which will not and does not serve you. The answer to what we do is always clear once we check in with how we feel. Then it all boils down to making a choice. 


Do you remember what it felt like to be a child? To roam freely, to dance with possibility in all its form before the world sought to limit you with notions of impossibility? When you could soar from a tree limb and for a mere second believe you were truly flying?  Do you remember scoffing when your parents would suggest something was not possible or that our ideas were too “out there”? How it seemed that they, and not us, were the truly ignorant ones because we couldn’t conceive that we’d be given an idea that was not possible? This month you are encouraged to get in touch with this inner child again. To ask her for insight on something you face or are dreaming of this month. To see what inspiration her unfettered insight contains and then act. Act with the same belief, determination and willful perseverance that you as a child would have. Don’t stop, don’t look down, never cease believing. 


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You were here to become wise. To grow and to learn. Knowledge does not make you wise – anyone can read a book and regurgitate its content. Wisdom is the power to learn from our experiences. To understand what happened and why allows us to evaluate each moment from a place of greater wisdom – a place that will determine if we continually repeat mistakes or learn and move on. Wisdom is a deeply personal synthesis that incorporates all that our successes and failures have taught us. That integrates our intuition and emotional intelligence so that we can make choices that bring stability and productivity to our lives. That allow us to truly embody our purpose and live a life rich with meaning. 


There is complimentary energy to everything; this is where we find balance. There is no binary means through which we approach life and if there is any sign in the zodiac which understands this, it’s you, Libra. This month your ability to operate in this liminal space will be vital as this is a month of balance and alignment for you. To understand the masculine and feminine within. To embrace both qualities within no matter our gender. To understand the nature of the this balance so that you can both protect and nurture your interests. This month you ride the wave between your passive and more active traits and learn to apply each when best suited. It’s a place known and familiar to Librans and a place where you can further growth that has been bubbling just below the surface. 


This month you experience life through the lens of total balance and synthesis. This is a time of great achievement where it feels as though the world has opened and granted you all that you have been working years for. Career, home, family – these important sectors are in harmony and functioning optimally. This is a time to celebrate you; to acknowledge all your hard work and celebrate the effort that you have put in to get you to this very place. This place of reward. This place of knowing all the hard work that you put into yourself, into your dreams was worth it. This is a month when you realize you really can have it all – with a little hard work and consistency life does in fact respond in kind. 


There are times when we feel that no one quite understands us and what we are going through. That in the face of heavy emotions the only one we can rely on is ourselves. This doesn’t have to be a negative thing. In a world that places great emphasis on answers that reside outside of ourselves this can be an opening. An opening to check in with what you are feeling. To ask how you can nurture yourself. How can you be for yourself the friend you would want in someone else? How can you be the lover you would expect another to be for you? How can you fill the space within, that longing to be understood and seen by understanding and witnessing yourself? This month the answer to what is aching within may seem to be something we much search outward for. The truest answer, the greatest source of support, however, will only be found within. 


Cogito ergo sum – I think, therefore I am. We have a growing awareness of how our thoughts influence our reality. Our thoughts create our emotions and our emotions create our actions. Following this chain allows us to see where we can provide healing or nurturing to something which feels out of miss or out of sync with the reality we desire to live. This month offers a potent opportunity for taking full accountability for your life. To look around and acknowledge that, for better or worse, your life reflects the thoughts allowed to dominate your mind, the emotions you have felt and the behavior that arose from both. Once we take this responsibility we can then transform any feelings of helplessness into empowerment. After all, if we had a hand in creating the situation before us we have the power to change our approach and craft something entirely new.


Each day is a journey; each moment an adventure, if we choose to see it as such. For many of us this can be a challenge. To see the beauty in the bruise. To see the possibility in a challenge. To see that even when we are at our lowest the quest is ever flowing. This moment is entirely as it is meant to be. It doesn’t need to be shifted or changed in anyway. So, enjoy the blessing of this moment. This uniquely crafted moment in this most sacred of journeys. Whether good or bad we understand the nature of impermanence – that everything is evolving with or without our input. So how can we be fully present in this moment for what it is, knowing that the tide is always shifting. How can we embrace the shift even if it means knowing that the positivity of today may lead to a challenge tomorrow? How can you let go of destination as motivator for the journey and instead enjoy the journey for the journeys sake?


This month you reach a point of attainment that allows you to celebrate your hard work. To celebrate your skill and dedication that allows you to move through your work, through your life with awareness and grace. Not everything is easy – surely, we as humans seem to enjoy complicating things for ourselves at times. But this is a month where you can keep things simple and as such enjoy the plentitude that comes your way. This is a month to replenish and enjoy. To look around at the blessings which fill your life and know that each ounce was earned. Each came with the labor of your love, blood, sweat and tears. That with that hard work you have earned the right to sit back and say “Ahhh!” Not because the work is over – we are always evolving and challenging ourselves to strive for our personal best. Rather now is the time for a pause in the action, a retreat from activity while you embrace the foundation beneath your feet. To celebrate, with gratitude all that surrounds and supports you. 


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