January 22, 2018





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Stone medicine is one of my favorite ways to get a little extra with manifesting. While they by no means can create the type of massive or lasting manifestations that many of us seek. If you are interested in that it’s time to embark upon The Process through a Manifest Session with me.

But for those who already have The Process down or who would like to find another expansive way to work with stones incorporating stones in manifesting rituals and meditations is a great way to create some flow.  The more you work with these stones the more you build a relationship and create a resonance so I would start with one which calls out to you most and then move on to others. This way you can find which stone works best for you.


Nuummite • This is my second favorite stone to work with for manifesting. I warn it’s a very powerful stone. I learned this the hard way. I typically will sleep with my stones so I may receive their medicine while sleeping and Nuummite gave me the most lucid, half in, half out, sleep I’ve ever experienced and I’ve journeyed with the aid of powerful hallucinogenics before. This is a very grounding stone and activates our Earth Star Chakra. Being that it is so grounding it helps to ground out intentions into reality. This mean that we are better capable of taking the vision and making it a reality by taking the very practical steps needed. This stone is called a Sorcerer’s stone because of its capacity to awaken our most powerful gifts. This is a stone for those who’ve had some experience working with high vibrational stones. Like Moldavite this stone can bring warmth to the body, tingling to the hands and definitely do not sleep with it unless you are looking to have serious out of body experiences.


Arfvedsonite • Another favorite for manifesting is Arfvedsonite. This is perfect for getting your shit in gear. As a path clearer, this stone helps us with organizing all parts of the puzzle and figuring out the best way forward towards the desired goal. I have not experienced this particular result but it is said that holding this stone during meditation helps you with seeing the future and knowing what actions to take to bring about your desired reality. I think it’s more likely that it creates clear thinking that allows us to see all parts of the whole and know the impact of each step. I would warn that this is one of those stones you want to be careful when you use. It’s a simple case of be careful what you ask for. Have the clarity of vision and a keen awareness of what you desire so that what you know you are drawing towards you what resonates with the heart, not the ego.


Yellow Apatite • These gemmy beauties are a wonderful addition to your manifesting tool-kit. They are a light and beautiful stone. An energy perfect for those who are either just beginning to work with stones in this capacity or who have a super sensitivity to stones and their energy. When I manifested the expansion of my business 3 years ago and experienced the greatest growth professionally this was the stone that I wore in my bra on the daily.

If you are ready to take manifesting to the next level I look forward to talking with you over a Manifest Session.



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