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Magnetism Sessions:

The process of


Alchemy that transforms limiting beliefs around self-worth, deservingness and potential into gold


You inherently deserve the very best this life has to offer not because you are worth it (but you totally are!) or because you worked for it (lets ditch the dependence on struggle, please!) and regardless of where you’ve come from or what you you’ve done (HELLO! That version of you doesn’t even EXIST anymore!!!).
You, as the divine being you are, having this very gorgeous human moment, inherently deserve all the deliciousness this life has to offer simply because.

Simply because.

Because you came here to live your absolute most vibrant life possible and that means needing access to resources needed to accomplish this.

A gorgeous and safe home.
A thriving business or career.
A dependable and sophisticated car.
Friends who love and support you.
Any and all things pleasurable and that your beautiful heart desires.

Magnetism Sessions take you step-by-step through the Curated Life Process that I devised and that allows you to consistently and easefully manifest anything you desire. These sessions root out limiting beliefs, address errant thoughts, clears away emotional energy adding fuel to your manifestation power and helps you to take action that is in alignment with what you want.


Local to Colorado?

Lets get your manifesting on in person! Magnetism Sessions are also available each Saturday at Womenfolk Beauty located in Denver, Colorado. Please select an in person session from the drop down when you purchase.


/// Magnetism Session


Let’s get started!

Let’s meet in person or via Zoom and get you on your way to curating the life you desire. We will assess what part in the process you are in and build from there, clearing the path ahead and giving you actionable steps towards all that you desire. Making manifestation easy and effortless.


What can you expect in Magnetism Sessions?



/// Awareness


We are in a constant state of co-creation with the Universe, even when we are manifesting our not desirables. When we become aware of this truth as well as what it is that is manifesting these non desirables we are then in a position of choosing differently.


/// Vibrational Medicine


I work vibrationally which means that our dialogue becomes a catalyst for energy shifting: dissolving blocks, releasing pent up emotion and clearing the path ahead. Meaning YOU see momentum in manifestation, faster and powerfully. (YAY!)


/// Realness


This is not your text book manifestation program. There are no easy buttons to clearing away that which has manifested the not desired state you are living in. There is only doing the work. Which when done leads to effortless manifestation.



Not sure which service will best fit you and your needs? Let’s schedule a 20 minute complimentary call